This radical first course on complex analysis brings a beautiful and powerful subject to life by consistently using geometry (not calculation) as the means of. Visual Complex Analysis has ratings and 16 reviews. Ezra said: i bought this book for like $76 at borders and i think the clerk thought i was insane. Only gradually did I come to realize how naturally this mode of thought could be applied–almost exactly years later!—to the geometry of the complex plane.

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Visual Complex Analysis – Vascoprat

There are beautiful visuals of multidimensional objects and insights into multidimensional problems: Sun rated it it was amazing Sep 03, This radical approach to complex analysis replaces the standard calculational arguments with new visual complex analysis tristan needham tirstan. Excellent explanation, extremely intuitive and beautiful.

Needham shows in this delicious book just how beautiful and useful complex analysis is. The ideas are well presented and easy to understand, but nontrivial and deep. May 12, Ronald Lett rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hand Request an Inspection Copy. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

This is a serious xomplex if one believes that our mathematical theories are merely elaborate mental constructs, precariously hoisted aloft.

If you like books and love visual complex analysis tristan needham build cool products, we may be looking for tristann. Then rigour becomes the nerve-racking balancing act that prevents the entire structure from crashing down around us.

Otherwise, very solid intro to the subject. Needham’s book can do that for complex analysis, with effort on the part of the reader. Especially the Classical Mechanics text,which is clearly a graduate level text by anyone’s measure.

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Visual Complex Analysis

I read this book without taking a Complex Analysis class and comppex taking a rather poor Real Analysis class. In fact, it is rather hard to find a single page that has no pictures in it. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Jan 02, Ezra rated it it was amazing.

It has exquisitely fine visual complex analysis tristan needham in the plot, which was all done by hand calculation. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Are there other nice math books close to the style of Tristan Needham? – MathOverflow

Here they are explaining how one ellipsoid, one hyperboloid of one sheet, and one hyperboloid of two sheets, pass through any point in space: They either did it visual complex analysis tristan needham superb insight or with an almost soul-crushing slog of work – both to be admired. The key to this is the book’s use of new geometric arguments in place of the standard calculational ones. Oxford University Press Amazon.

Or, there is a plot of the radiation pattern from a Mie scattering sphere in Born and Wolf, Principles of Optics.

I borrowed this book from a friend but ended up having to purchase it, cos I anticipate coming back to this over the years. Holland Request an Inspection Copy. No preview available – Aug 16, Amar Pai rated it it was amazing Shelves: John Conway’s book, on the other hand, while it showcases some ideas of symmetry through the work of some artists like Bathsheba Grossman, is largely about abstraction.

My book will no doubt be flawed in many ways of which I am not yet aware, but there is one “sin” that I have intentionally committed, and for which I shall not repent: Many other people have said that one should read visual complex analysis tristan needham book only after completing a Comp I got this book because I was promised geometrically intuitive explanations of the results in a standard Visual complex analysis tristan needham Analysis course, and I was not disappointed!

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Paul Real rated it really liked it Jun 20, I recall trying to read that, and couldn’t continue. Just a moment while we sign you visual complex analysis tristan needham to your Goodreads account.

Great, thank you very much, Joseph! Jun 23, Nishant Pappireddi rated it it was amazing. These geometric arguments are communicated with the aid of hundreds of diagrams of a standard seldom encountered in mathematical works. This vksual will show you the beauty that is complex analysis. It’s a truly remarkable book that should be read by anyone seriously interested in analysis or physics,particularly for it’s historical insight.

Complex Functions as Transformations. Pair this with a book on the applications of complex variables to get the most out of it. Most certainly visual, this book is not in the same category as most of the books mentioned so far.

He explains some basic topics that science students need to know. Trivia About Visual Complex An Professor Stillwell is acknowledged in the introduction to Needham’s book as a strong influence on the style of the text.

See also the answer on his “Naive Lie Theory”. No, the book’s not always rigorous in its proofs, but to quote Needham from the book’s preface: