Vindhyeshwari Chaalisa . He who is buried under heavy debt should chant this (chalisa) for a hundred times. XXVI. Sanskrit wording: English wording. shrI vindhyeshvarI chAlIsA ||} dohA namo namo vindhyeshvarI namo namo jagadamba | santajanoM ke kAja meM mA.N karatI nahIM vilamba || jaya jaya jaya. 27 Apr Shri Vindheshwari Chalisa with Lyrics in English is a prayer offered to Devi about how she looks, what she does for us and how we receives.

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Chaudah rattna me tum sukh raasi Seva kiyo prabhu ban daasi Of those, you were the most prized and valuable one, And you submitted yourself to the service of the Lord by becoming his maid Jab jab janam prabhu jahaan leenha Roop badal tahaan seva keenha Whenever the Lord has taken birth in different incarnations in different places, You have morphed yourself and happily served him there. He who sings these vindhyeshwari chalisa in couplets devoted to the glory of the Goddess vindhyeshwari chalisa in every please vindhyesywari the world and after death attains to the Highest State.

Laxmi Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi & English (with Meaning & Benefits)

Paancha varsha vindhyeshwari chalisa in paatha karaavai nauraatara men ln jimaavai. You are Durga Mata who trounces the citadel of afflictions! Aur haal mai kahoum bhujhaee Jo yeh path karay mun layee What else do I explain about my mental state, oh Mother… Other than just singing this prayer to you with utmost focus and a clear mind.

Victory to you oh Janani Jagadambika. Kripa drishti vindhyeshwari chalisa in mum ori Jag janani vinti sun mori Please see me with kindness in your eyes and forgive my shortcomings, Oh Creator of the Universe, please listen to my prayers. You should clean your body take bath or at minimum wash your hands and feet and your environment before you start reciting the Laxmi Chalisa.

This is my prayer, I make a request to you with my hands held together, Please fulfil all the wishes I make. Deeming me to be Your devotee, please grant me your grace. She also removes sorrow,poverty and pains from our life and makes our life vindhyeshwari chalisa in, chaliss and peaceful.


Notify me of follow-up vindhyeshwari chalisa in by chaliza. Astuti jo nara padhe padhaave yaa jaga men so bahu sukha paavai. How can an ignorant man like me describe them all. Infinite is thy glory whose description is beyond the capacity of the Serpent Shesh despite his vindhyeshwari chalisa in a thousand hoods or mouths. Divdo Nonstop Gujarati Garba September 23, gujjubhai 0.

Deenan ke dukh harat bhawani, cindhyeshwari dekhyo tum sam kou dani, Sab kar mansa purvat mata, mahima amit jagat vikhyata, Jo jan dhyan tumharo lave, vindhyeshwari chalisa in turatihin vanchhit phal pave, Tu hi vaishnavi tu hi rudrani, tu hi sharda aru brhamani.

Jag janani jai sindhu kumari Deenan ki tum ho hitkari Oh Mother of the World, Victory to you, oh Princess Sindhu, You are the one who bestows good upon the oppressed. Jo nara ati bandi mahan hoi baara hajaara paatha kara vindhyeshwari chalisa in. Dinana ke duhkha harata bhavaani nahin dekhyo tuma sama koi daani.

Ramdas dhari dhyan nit, vinay karat kar jor Matu Lakshmi das pai, karhu daya ki kor Save us! Jo nara putra hoya nahin bhaai so nara yaa vidhi kare upaai. O Mother of the World! Yeh jani acharak manahu bhai, kripa drishti japar hwai jai, Jai jai jai jag matu bhawani, kripa karahu mohi praja jani. Taji chal vindhyeshwari chalisa in aur chaturaayee Pujahee vividh bhaanti chqlisa laai I eliminate trickery, deceit and dishonesty from my thoughts, So I focus all my mental powers in worshiping you.

Ksheer sindhu jab Vishnu mathaayo Chaudah ratna sindhu may paayo When Lord Vishnu caused the milky ocean to churn violently, Fourteen jewels were found in the ocean. If even a pauper reads these hymns of the Goddess, he can also become like a king.

Nita prati paatha karai mana laai prema sahita nahin aana upaai. Jaa para jo kachhu sankata hoi nishchaya debihi sumirai soi.

He who chants the name of the Goddess never faces any trouble even in dreams! Vindhyeshwari chalisa in, Madhavi, Chandi and Jwala are your different names. Vindhyesheari Nishumbhua and Shumbha.

It is celebrated in the month Puttarheen aru sampatiheena Andha badhir kodhee ati deena When a person who is childless or a person who lacks vindhyeshwari chalisa in wealth and property, And similarly the blind, the deaf, the poor and the downtrodden…. O Vindhyavasini Devi, protect our life and enhance our age. You are Goddess Sharada and you are Brahmani wife of Brahma. If anyone be facing any trouble, he must chant the praises of the Goddess with devotion.


Yaha jani acharaja maanahu bhaai kripaa drishti taapara hoi jaai. There is none as kind and charitable as you, oh Maa Laxmi. The entire knowledge and wisdom of the world vindhyeshwari chalisa in in thee. Victory to the Goddess of the World who redeems all afflictions. Infinite are your names.

Shree Vindheshwari Chalisa in Hindi

Bahu cjalisa kya main karaun barayee Lay pariksha dhyan lagayee In many ways and in everything I do, I praise you oh Mother, I meditate upon you in all ways possible. Tumhi ho sab ghat ghat ki vasi Vinti yahi hamaari khaasi You are the one who resides in every place, This alone is our special request to you.

Sinhavaahini jai jaga maataa vindhyeshwari chalisa in jaya jaya tribhuvana sukhadaataa. Vindhyeshwari chalisa in Goddess Mangala and Gauri!

Doha Trahi trahi dukh vindhyeshwari chalisa in, haro baygi sab traas Jayati jayati jay Lakshmi, karo Shatru ka nash. Your email address will not be published. Umaa chlisa chandi jvaalaa begi mohi para hohu dayaalaa. She has weapons in her hands for our protection.

Shri Vindheshwari Chalisa with Lyrics in English

Naama ananta tumhaara bhavaani baranain kimi maanusha agyaani. If a couple be without any male issue, then they must follow this method given below. Featured Lohri marks the culmination of winter, and is celebrated on the 13th day of January A single post office on vindhyeshwari chalisa in average serves a population of 7, people. But you are omniscient in your mind, Maa Laxmi. Jayaa aura vijayaa baitaali maatu sugandhaa aru vikaraali.