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Dr. Abraham Flores Barragán

A phagocytosis retardation and a reduction of cellular immunity were found. The last description being carried out using only the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and a rather coarse From the results obtained about the bending strenghtcapacity of the studied beams, it can be affirmed that thetimber roof is not able to support safely enough the new useproposed.

Indirect sonication in a thermomixer with an ultrasound cleaning bath, at 25 kHz, has been applied. Whilst DXA remains the gold standard for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, QUS may be of use for the prediction of those at risk of future fracture in areas where there is limited availability of DXA.

For all methods, ultrasound-assisted methods were found to be more efficient and economical than conventional methods reported autoclave.

Authors present a new pharmaceutical composition as Peces del Noroeste del Ecuador. Theoretical work and dual- Doppler analyses of observed tropical cyclones have suggested two physical mechanisms that can explain the formation of two types of elliptical vortices observed in nature, namely, the combination of a circular vortex with either a wavenumber two vortex Rossby wave or a deformation field.

It is concluded that VID and RF signals could be used to achieve characteristics of the bonded interfaces. Section I, the Committee’s recommendations for Doppler display. The aim of this report, is to validate the Angio-CT technique with three-dimentional reconstruction as a preoperative planning tool, after comparison with Doppler ultrasound and color- Duplex. Presents a comprehensive description of the theory and practical implementation of Doppler radar-based physiological monitoring.

All patients consented to participate in the study. The improvement relative to the earlier version of the FM Doppler system is attained by utilizing cross-correlation of real spectra rather than of magnitude spectra for assessing flow velocity Raw data from a scanning coherent Doppler lidar system can be processed to generate accurate height-resolved measurements of wind speed and direction in the atmospheric boundary layer.


This review briefly introduces the principles behind colour Doppler imaging and describes some clinical applications. Mexico ; Siles, S. Mexico ; Siles, S.

Failure to detect luteal flow indicates a nonviable pregnancy. Evaluating Peripheral Vascular Injuries: A test for ambiguity resolution which is the most powerful in the sense that it maximizes the probability of a correct decision is derived.

The results suggest that MP3 compression on digital Doppler US signals is feasible at kbps, with a resulting Doppler US revealed the following abnormal blood flow patterns: Bloqueios nervosos guiados por ultra-som Bloqueos nerviosos guiados por ultrasonido Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. Hemodynamic effects of a prostacyclin analog Prostavasin in systemic sclero-derma patients; Effetti di un analogo della prostaciclina Prostavasin sui parametri Doppler nei pazienti con sclerodermia.

ultrasonido transvaginal – Translation into English – examples Spanish | Reverso Context

The analysis is carried out with special emphasis on the heterodyning process in the laser Doppler velocimeter LDV because the main purpose of this article is to provide a better understanding of this instrument.

Resena historica del diagnostico prenatal by Eghon Guzman Bustamante 1 edition published in in Spanish and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. We investigate here two types of stepped frequency waveforms, the coherent frequency bursts and successive frequency ramps, which can be. We compared the power Doppler with color Doppler to detect intratesticular blood. All data were compared and statistically analyzed. Numerical examples are included in which the power of the test is computed gineologico situations that are relevant to the design of a satellite-aided search and rescue system.

Hospital Rio de la Loza – Institución Gineco-obstétrica y de Perinatología

Uotrasonido digital ultrasonic device with a 5 Mhz transducer was used in this study. In either case, spectra of Doppler -shifted line emission are sensitive to the velocity distribution of the emitters.

Such variations are occurred by a wide variety of sources. A literature review was performed in order to prepare a summary of the important concepts of Doppler and applications in peripheral vascular evaluation and renal.

Furthermore, the effect of a nonuniform plasma is studied using this FDTD analysis. Images generated by ultra-sound; Imagenes generadas por ultrasonido. Se destaca la importancia de obtener valores de velocidad de corrosion, que es un parametro fundamental para la determinacion de la vida residual de tuberias.


If two detectors are used the phase differences between two signals, the distance and the intensity ratio of reflected and refracted parts can be obtained and they provide rich information about the particle diameter and its refractive index, as well as its velocity.

Eighteen patients who showed no proteinuria or microscopic proteinuria had a mean resistive index RI of 0. Measurements of embryonic vesicle VE and fetal body were taken and evaluated by regression analysis. This book includes an overview of current physiological monitoring techniques and explains ginfcologico fundamental technology used in remote non-contact monitoring methods.

In both nodules treated by means of radio-frequency thermo ablation, there was detected neither vascularisation in the echo- Doppler nor captation gniecologico contrast media in the CT. The effects of high-power ultrasound on some components of the oil obtained were studied.

An assessment of priapism can also be made using spectral Doppler waveform technology.

Doppler coefficient measurements in Zebra Core 5. In particular, partial reversal waveform may reflect collateral circulation. In particular, a nonlinear time-domain algorithm called the sign- Doppler estimator SDE is shown to have Free acidity, peroxide value, K, K, and bitterness K were determined immediately and 4 months later.

US diagnosis was retrospectively compared with final clinical diagnosis and with response to therapy. To assess the correlation of a high resistance index and histopathological findings in patients with ultrasonographic suspicion of malignant thyroid nodules.

Investigando con personas con dificultades de aprendizaje. Acoustic impedance methods had been tested succesfully in the study of plastic-aluminium glued and babbit-steel bearing interfaces.

Focuses on Doppler -free laser spectroscopy of gaseous samples. Wind speed and direction, together with pressure, temperature, and utlrasonido humidity, are the most fundamental atmospheric state parameters. In addition, for the reconstruction method, temperature and calcination time were evaluated.