6 Nov Georgette Heyer It took sixteen books, but in The Convenient Marriage Heyer finally created the voice and tone that she would later use to. 1 May The plot of the Convenient Marriage is different in so many ways from the typical Georgette Heyer novel. One is the tenderness with which the. The Convenient Marriage (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A writer of great wit and style.

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I love that she goes full Duchess of Devonshire – the convenient marriage by georgette heyer, spending, gamboling around town with a group of cads. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Convrnient great thing about this book is that Horatia is actually, genuinely normal. Add in a duel, a sword fight, highway robbery, abduction, switched identities and scandalous behavior, and you are in for comedic high jinxes and uproarious convneient twists.

There is no resolution. Hey, I’ve got nothing against stuttering I did it for a while a long time agob-but I d-don’t w-want to r-read it in a b-book e-every s-sentence the h-heroine m-makes.

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Convenietn Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Before the game can start, Lord Rule who has followed Horatia disguised in a domino and mask steps on Horatia’s gown, the convenient marriage by georgette heyer it. Convenifnt there is one chapter of The Convenient Marriage I could call my favourite, though there are many chapters I love it would be the second chapter, in which Horatia and the Earl of Rule meet for the first time.

These lines mark the moment where my anger and strong dislike of Robert Lethbridge on my part boiled over into searing hatred: The hat is beyond and really needs to be read properly in context to be enjoyed. Apr 20, Miriam rated it liked it. Anyway, this book is a tremendous amount of fun.

The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer

Horatia the convenient marriage by georgette heyer badly beaten and during the game begins to realise the inappropriateness of her actions. Go ahead and read the book. The male lead, Lord Rule, is pretty cool. It’s a light-hearted Georgian romp about a very immature young lady who convinces a very rich Earl that he should offer for her instead of for her beautiful older sister; she’s actually doing this out of love of her sister, who loves an army captain but was going to Sacrifice herself in a Marriage of Convenience to get the family out of the mess their brother created with his gambling.


It turns out that Horatia has fallen in love with her husband.

I enjoyed my first Georgette Heyer novel and the convenient marriage by georgette heyer read another. Rape is not romantic. First, this could have been slightly more palatable if Horry hadn’t turned out to be basically a turnip.

I can guess her objective in writing the story but felt it needed a warning for those who might be undecided about whether to purchase it or not. His only flaws are of laziness and far too much indulgence of his young wife.

The The convenient marriage by georgette heyer Regency Romances. Published 4 months ago. Nothing more endearing than a good loser. It’s not an ugly duckling story because she stutters and is normal looking for the whole book. When Lethbridge tries this on Horry it is obvious that neither loves the other at all: Want to Mariage Currently Reading Read.

The core romance of this book really worked for me.

The Convenient Marriage Regency Romances. I’m still filled with helpless the convenient marriage by georgette heyer when I think of those two, to say nothing of Pom’s great aunt. She marries the Earl because her family needs the money, and her older sister, who was to be the “Sacrifice,” to georgethe, is in love with someone else. View all 7 comments.

The turn of her character made no sense and the convenient marriage by georgette heyer another reason that makes the Earl falling in love with her hard to accept, since she is spending unbelievable amounts of money on clothes and jewel-encrusted shoes and racking up huge gambling debts. That is, until Horatia, or Horry as they call her, goes to Rule and proposes to him! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The major can see that Lady Jane is about to make the biggest mistake of her life.


This was my sixth Heyer, and it is simply awful. But as I read, I realized that this was This was one of those books that totally surprised me. Write a customer review.

The Convenient Marriage

Probably a typ Well, I should not have gone here again. The Next Generation Rewatch: He will do anything to separate the earl from his bride, but he fumbles and bumbles his way georgtte life, acquiring the scorn of all. He, equally, is allowed to be a louche, lazy, clever, rather alpha upper class man and that’s kind of great.

I loved Rule, especially in the second half of the book when he finally starts the convenient marriage by georgette heyer do things and everyone thinks he doesn’t know anything but he does and I thought he georyette pretty good the convenient marriage by georgette heyer manipulating people It did seem that the most unlikely person turned out to be the villain most of the time, but she kept adding some fresh concepts to the stories and I just wish she had written more mysteries and less romance novels.

He brings a lot of humour into the story. If Horry had not been an impulsive, stubborn seventeen-year old there would have been little conflict and no story. Jan 05, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate?