The Telrad Finder is the first zero power finder to be mass produced. It works much the same way as a heads up display in a fighter jet works. The image of a. Honestly though, I would not spend any money on the telrad charts. Like you, I utilize a telrad and a RACI finder. To harass the memory of. Find the hidden gems of the night sky with these easy-to-read and durable charts! The black printing and stars on a white background makes the charts easily.

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TELRAD finder charts for Messier, Caldwell, DSOs

Etlrad are some fine accessories for the Telrad, like a Telrad dew-shield and a Telrad Pulser. Fast Shipping, Same or Next Day: Leigh, Online Telrad charts posted at these sites: Posted 23 January – Sign in Already have an account?

A great help to locate faint stars or deep-sky objects with the Telrad, are books and star atlases that use the Telrad circles on their finder charts.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Here Quick, get them while they last!


Once the Telrad had tekrad aligned it did exactly what I expected it to do. Originally Posted by Prowler The lowest possible magnification with my telescope focal length mm is Then I switch to my finder-scope or the eyepiece to telraf my search. Register a new account. At High Point all in stock orders ship within 24 hours, pending internal credit card approval.

Telrad includes a hardcopy ad within the packaging of the unit, listing prices for specific charts for various celestial targets.

Messier Telrad Finder Charts

When looking through the Telrad you see the sky just as it is, without any magnification. You currently have javascript disabled. Have you started referring to any chartz your equipment as “My Precious”? You can buy extra mounting bases if you want to use the Telrad on different telescopes. M1 through M in two volumes. When the Telrad arrived, it took me only a minute to mount it on my TAL telescope.

Originally Posted by kanadalainen. My telescope is equipped with a very good 8 x 50 finder scope, that produces a 7-degree true field of view. We have some here on the forum for free: My lot it fincer, across the tavern table, To start a chorus to the strumming string.


I can recommend the Telrad wholeheartedly to all of you who want to star-hop trough the night-sky. Love it the Tolkien! This overlay makes it very easy to locate objects. Product is backordered from the manufacturer.

Sky Spot – The Preferred Finder Charts

Personally I do the same as Bryan and use an optical finder once I’m aligned on the star closest to the object using a Rigel QuickFinder previously Telrad. It produces a field of view of However, I wanted a tool to point my telescope quickly at the moon, the planets and naked eye stars, before switching to the finder-scope. The net findeer is faster, more attentive service from the Manufacturer and an enhanced customer experience.

Finally, a fresh film shot telesonic – Nov 08 Does anyone have this chart, or has seen them? A Saturn I never processed from july moonwatching ferret – Nov 09 Back Ordered Product is backordered from the manufacturer.