About Sorry. Imagine a man who does the most unspeakable things. Imagine the forgiveness he needs. Imgine the pain he gives. Imagine forgiving him. You will. Rare is the thriller that surpasses the limits of genre fiction. But Zoran Drvenkar’s Sorry is one such book: a thriller on its face, but also a thoughtful study in guilt. 18 Sep Zoran Drvenkar’s “Sorry,” a German bestseller that now invades our unsuspecting homeland, opens with a horrific crime: A man whose name.

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The four friends are torn between by what is morally and legally the right thing to do, or follow the instructions indicated by the killer, that will take every ounce of mental and physical capability to go through with.

Zoran Drvenkar

The plot is fast. Now all he needs is absolution for his sins, and he knows just the people who can help. The multiple perspectives really work here, as the story jumps forward and back in time and from place to place, dropping hints along the way but keeping this reader guessing all the way to the end.

However, throughout the book, I was wondering who the he, she or you of each chapter was referring too. En cada visita, Wolf busca conscientemente esas huellas. Dabei gibt es dann zorzn auch noch zeitliche Wechsel zwischen “davor”, “danach” und “dazwischen”, wodurch die Drbenkar noch verstrickter wird – nachdem ich dann reingefunden hatte, war es aber kein Problem mehr und ich bin immer noch fasziniert von diesem Konzept.


In addition, often things that happened were hinted at rather than fully zorran which also left the reader constantly guessing about what was going on. Yes but if I can follow it anyone else can, and if you persist the rewards are beneficial. So here are the things you might want to know about Drvenksr don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By the end I was completely thrown off and in love. First, Sorry masterfully manipulates the linear chronology common to most murder mysteries. Insgesamt ein sehr eigenwilliger, aber genialer Aufbau der Handlung, der mich nicht losgelassen hat.

I personally got caught up in the dark and disturbing elements of this book and the extraordinary way he experimented with his writing. Like what you read? Skip to main content.

The possibilities are immense for the newly opened Drvenkxr Sorry, money is rolling in. My first thought when closing the final pages of this book was “WOW! He has written… More about Zoran Drvenkar.

But for a story that presents the rich and messy complexities of life through believable characters and an original concept, it doesn’t get much better than this. In einer anderen Rezension hab ich gelesen, dass hier viele Unstimmigkeiten sein sollen – ist mir aber nicht aufgefallen. Their agency is very successful and soon the money is piling up. There were some over the top and slightly unbelievable situations but hey!

Zoran Drvenkar’s ‘Sorry’: Frustratingly confusing story of revenge – The Washington Post

Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. Initially, the narration is confusing. Included in the package of instructions You sent are photographs of loved ones of each of the four friends. And different point of views.


Zoran Drvenkar’s ‘Sorry’: Frustratingly confusing story of revenge

You are the killer. Mar 21, Mi Camino Blanco rated it did not like it Shelves: Der direkte und typische Schreibstil des Autors fasziniert mich immer wieder. Want to break up with your husband who is two timing you? However, this novel goes beyond pretty much everything I’ve read before – I found it gloomy, brutish, distasteful and deeply unpleasant.

Otherwise, the caller will kill their loved ones. Return to Book Page. About Sorry Imagine a man who does the most unspeakable things. Not only that, but there were also backward and zoram movements in time so that any sense of an unfolding sequence of events was absent.

Some of the sentence construction irritated me, and there were often commas when there should have been periods or full stops. Juega con el cambio de personas zorah, te hace protagonista de la obra, hace flashback que te hacen desorientarte por momentos para volver a atraparte al rato y causarte un descontrol emocional que es sorprendentemente angustiante.

Drvenkaar uses a constantly-shifting narrative perspective to weave a tale of violence and deep-seated trauma that is at times shocking, at times sad, and at all times keeps the pages turning. The client wants to make sure his apology is properly delivered. Sick of being treated badly at work, they decide to start a business of their own: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.