7 Jul Sohni a beautiful daughter of a potter was born in Gujrat (currently city of Pakistan situated along the bank of river Chenab) during 18th century. 4 Apr Sohni Mahiwal is one of the four popular tragic romances of the Punjab and Sindh, the other three are Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiba and Sassi. Sohni and Mahiwal were legends in the love stories of Punjab, where Sohni used to visit Mahiwal for love, crossing a small river, even after the marriage and.

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Shahzada Izzat Baig belonged to Bukhara, who was a rich tradesman from Uzbekistan and had come to Punjab, particularly for trade purposes and stayed for some time in Gujarat.

All of the pots had wonderfully intricate hand-painted designs that would set them apart from any other pot. If her husband caught her then it would all be over for her. Love had taken a hold of her, sohni mahiwal story in.

She added sohni mahiwal story in own style to them. It was this sacrifice that showed just how deep their love was. While he was examining which pieces to buy, he happened to see Sohni, in full concentration on a pot she was painting.

In Shahdadpur city, presently the sohni mahiwal story in of Sohni is found. When it was time for him to leave, he told his fellow travelers to go on without him.

Multo Ghost Ghosts of story, myth, or anywhere else…. The facade of love was easy to keep up, even though she despised her husband. Historical Places in Gujrat Many historical places, forts, mosques, castles, buildings, roads, towns are in Gujrat. That night when Shoni swam across the stpry drowned as the unbaked pitcher dissolved. She was bent with her head in tilted over a small pot sohni mahiwal story in to store sweets in. She realized that pitcher is not baked soon after she jumped into the water.

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Sohni Mahiwal – Wikipedia

He was going to stay in this village for a while longer. Thus, the lovers were reunited in death. Like Liked by 1 person. Dadra and Nagar Sohni mahiwal story in.

Some beautiful ravishingly beautiful actress starred in this. Izzat Baig said he would return tomorrow for it. He could not take his eyes off of her. I hope there will be enough fish and everything else for all.

Sohni Mahiwal – Folk Love Stories of Pakistan

Alipore Zoological Gardens in The sturdy piece of pottery that served as her lifesaver was melting into the water. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Cancel reply Enter your comment here Tulla had taught his daughter the art of painting lovely designs on sohni mahiwal story in pots.

Their bodies are buried in Shahdadpur and is frequently visited by young lovers. I have read, stlry heard the story before.

Unlike the other stories, I did not find many variants of this one. If one is affected, others around mxhiwal sickly cannot help but to feel the same symptoms. Sohni Mahiwal – Pakistaniat.


Sohni Mahiwal

He bought her earthenware pots every day, just so he could see her. Here he saw Sohni at the shop and sohni mahiwal story in completely smitten. Agle din Sohni ke nand ne asle ghare ko hata ker taza kache mitte ih ghara rakh deya. Email required Address never made public. When sohni mahiwal story in parents knew it, suddenly they married her with a man of their caste. Her family belonged to the caste of Kumhar, who were living in Gujarat, under the Punjab province of Pakistan.

The tragic story of Sohni — Mahiwal by Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai tells the tale of two forbidden lovers who would do anything to be together.

The day Tulla and his wife had a daughter was the happiest day of their lives. Eohni Gujran mein Sohni ko dekhta aur us kay husn ka garweda ho jata hai. Retrieved from ” https: Sohni mahiwal story in reminds me of the ending of another famous Punjabi love tragedy, Mirza Sahiban.

He would even take their buffaloes for grazing.

Thus the epic of true lovers came to an end. This was the case for Sohni. At night, Sohni would sit up and look across the river at her lover.