Seductora inocencia / The Duke (Cisne) (Spanish Edition) [Gaelen Foley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Robert Knight, duque de. Lee online la novela romántica ‘Princesa: La Hija Prometida de la Mafia Rusa y el Matrimonio de Conveniencia con el Millonario. Seductora Inocencia. Front Cover. Gaelen Foley. Sudamericana, Jul 19, Bibliographic information. QR code for Seductora Inocencia.

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Ross Poldark Winston Graham. But in order to get revenge, he’s willing to start an affair with a notorious courtesan. Bel wanted Garlen to respect her so she agreed with him in seducing Dolph. She suffers a lot but keeps her head held high and keeps moving along.

Seductora Inocencia – Gaelen Foley – Google Books

As for hurting someone else’ feelings And finally, two people dragging one unconscious person and dumping this person into a pond resulting in drowning cannot be termed self-defence! It was rated so high by so many toley, I decided to go ahead and read it. There is too much “building-up” of inocenfia story with all the secondary characters who I hardly care about. Also, I didn’t like the ending but I’m generally not keen of public marriage proposals.

Very mixed feelings about this book. No one is responsible for making you happy. I will try 2 in the series, since by and large the writing was pretty good, and hope that the characters do more for me.

Too asinine of an ending. I have read this series before. She is supposed to get him talking. Overall, I didn’t like the writing The heroine is pathetic, unless you really like weak-willed heroines.


Finally, the heroine, who is also supposed to be of sound moral fiber despite the fact that she’s a courtesan doesn’t seem to be bothered by these things either. There were deep violet shadows amid the blue, like smoke clouds across a silent battlefield concealing scenes of furious destruction and loss of life. This scene naturally breaks a lot of barriers between them and of course a dual that follows this confession where Robert is the chivalrous knight fighting for inocemcia lady’ cemented that he would do anything for her.

Gaelen lives in western Inocenccia with her college-sweetheart husband, Eric, a schoolteacher, with whom she co-writes middle grade fantasy adventure novels under the pen-name, Iinocencia. Visit our homepage and find this inoceencia Massive Discounts on worldwide bestsellers until Friday.

This is our heroin, all for the love of her father who Dolph sent to the fleet. I’m hoping it’s the latter – I do adore historical romances and I would hate to start losing interest.

So, she was doing the housekeeper’s job? I also hated the glorification of courtesans and infidelity. Re-reading Lord of Fire actually made me realize: Or maybe this ihocencia just missed the mark for me.

Seductora inocencia (Familia Knight, #1) by Gaelen Foley (2 star ratings)

I do not know what kind of love it is, maybe it blossoms from the a suspension bridge effect or a hero-worship, I do not know but their love is, for my opinion, based from needs.

How can I believe true love is possible?


Nor to what I would like to see in them. I really enjoyed Foley’s writing style however and if the plot was a bit different I expect I’d like her story as well.

This wasn’t what I was expecting. Those starchy heroes always do that, and it drives me batty. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She walked into Robert’s life and took charge of his household and just generally grated on my nerves.

Seductora inocencia

Es un libro entretenido, bonito pero que no crea que relea. They both knew what they were doing, walked in with their eyes open, so to speak.

I just couldn’t get behind seductkra. I admit that I generally liked the story, however it is more intense and has more drama than I would like.

Our Duke was a foolish, weak willed and naive man, a puppet on strings manipulated by those around him repeatedly. Furthermore, for him to consider marrying a sweet young child and continue to keep Bel was abhorrent and ignoble and inconsistent with the supposed paragon virtues that he possessed.

I was a coward and did not read this book as soon as I finished Lord of Fire simply because lurking behind the summary is the obvious word RAPE.