Schlumberger slickline training manual pdf. Schlumberger offers an extensive range of services and the largest fleet of units in the industry, together with highly . NExT, A Schlumberger Company QUIZ (Basic Slickline Training Course) To be used as a pre-course quiz to check the SL knowledge of the (Well Site) Rig-up Slickline (Open Hole); (Work site) Winch, p’packs Practical – RIH/POOH. Detailed introduction to Slickline equipment and instrumentation used to control, condition and monitor downhole operations. NExT, A Schlumberger Company . QUIZ (Basic Slickline Training Course); Fishing – Theory (Overview). Top wire .

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The line used to raise and lower equipment can be braided steel wireline or a single steel slickline. More How it Works Articles.

Slickline | Schlumberger

schlumberger slickline training manual NACE International With programs developed, peer reviewed, and taught by industry experts, NACE provides corrosion control training and certification to help students launch a career, broaden their expertise, and provide greater industry recognition and schlumberger slickline training manual.

Slicklines can also be used to adjust valves and sleeves located downhole, as well as repair tubing within the wellbore. Consisting of single strands or multi-strands, the wireline is used for both well intervention and formation evaluation operations.

Different from MWD and mud logs, wireline logs are constant downhole schlumberger slickline training manual sent through the electrical wireline used to help geologists, drillers and engineers make real-time decisions about drilling operations. Used to place and recover wellbore equipment, slickliine as plugs, gauges and valves, slicklines are single-strand non-electric cables lowered into oil and gas wells from the traaining.


While a slickline is a thin cable introduced into a well to deliver and retrieve tools downhole, a wireline is an electrical cable used to lower tools into and transmit data about the conditions of the wellbore.

Fundamentals of Slickline Operations

Manhal a Wireline into the Well Source: How do Shuttle Tankers Work? Many times, workover operations require production shut-in, but not always. How Does Underbalanced Drilling Work?

First developed by Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger inwireline logs measure formation properties in a well through electrical lines of wire. The logging tool, also called a sonde, is located at the bottom of the wireline.

Wrapped around a drum on the back of a truck, the slickline is raised and lowered in the well by reeling in and out the wire hydraulically. Slickline Firing Head System Source: On the other hand, wirelines are electric cables that transmit data about schlumberger slickline training manual well. Wild Well Control Backed by a heritage of more than 40 years of well control experience, the Wild Well University Well Control Training Program delivers action-oriented curricula designed to challenge students in both individual and team performance scenarios.

Usually consisting of braided cables, wirelines are used to perform wireline logging, as well. Tools inserted in to the well for both workover and logging efforts, wirelines schlumberger slickline training manual slicklines are very similar devices. To date, we have trained thousands of petroleum industry workers and managers. In other words, wirelines are useful in gathering data about the well in logging activities, as well as in workover jobs that require data transmittal.


When producing wells require remedial work to sustain, restore or enhance production, this is called workover.


Workover operations conducted can include well clean-up, setting plugs, production logging and perforation through explosives. In workover operations, a well-servicing unit is used to winch items in and out of the wellbore.

Wireline logs can measure resistivity, conductivity and formation pressure, as well as sonic properties and wellbore dimensions. We believe that personal development is a by-product of several types of regular and purpose driven activities.

How Schlumberger slickline training manual Subsea Processing Work? The measurements are taken continuously on the way up, in an effort to sustain tension on the line. The measurements are taken by lowering the wireline to the prescribed depth and then raising it out of the well.