Buy Sangeet Kedia’s Company Law for CS Executive December Exam [Old CS Notes Home’s Company Law for CS Executive June Exam by CS. Download Only This Much for Company Secretary (CS) Executive Programme where forged or counterfeit currency notes or bank notes have been used as. Can any one pls mail me sangeet kedia’s notes of cs executive- paper 6 . It would be of great help My email id: suranaminal @

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Sincerity, Knowledge, commitment are the three pillars of it On the very first day I was in dilemma as I was a science student but the co-operation from the faculty made my task easy. I can understand that many of the students not like to prefer study module.

Achievers Our students those who have made their marks on the world. I took one step ahead by passing Foundation programme with good marks. These 3 words are the basis of this Institute of Learning.

Best Self Study Books for CS Executive and Why? | TheCSclubindiaâ„¢

At least one reading of the modules and one later during revision will place you comfortably for exams. I too have cleared my exam by self-study. Keria Prefer Sangeet Kedia book.


Lectures by Eminent Faculty May, Group 1 Group 2. Never judge a book from famous author Name or brand name. Everyday when a student comes out of the class, there is a feeling that he has gained something new, something extra.

It is the only place where you can build up your fundamentals. Accounting Business law, ethics and communication Kfdia Accounting and financial management Taxation Auditing and assurance Information technology and strategic management Advanced Accounting.

Unlike other institutions Notse helps us to Initiate. Your email address will not be published.

The Economic and commercial law is a pure theory of nature. That’s Sums of My life. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Sangeet Kedia’s Setting Up of Commercial Law Publisher Juris Achieve What you dream Kedia Sir makes law looks so easy as if it is a very pleasant practical subject. SKC provides the perfect environment for building young professional minds.

: Sangeet Kedia: Books

S Zad Costing Book Online. Sangeet sir thank you for allowing me to make mistakes, supporting my efforts and celebrating my accomplishments Shuchita Solved Scanner Settin Your primary and main source for studying should be the Modules provided by the Institute. FAQ’s Frequently asked questions.


But the path was untraceable to me. The best thing about SKC is kedla apart from studies it teaches us about the morality and decency. CS Executive Module 1. You may prefer N. After every provision ,solved questions have been given which will help you to understand the provisions in a proper way.

Best Self Study Books for CS Executive and Why?

My friend suggested me to go to Delhi. Tax laws and practice Company Law Cost and management accounting Economic and commercial laws. Sangeet Kedia Classes helped me to realize my true potential, endurance level and taught me the right way of learning. The faculty has in its agenda not only the professional development of CS aspirants but also the overall development of the students.