3 May Roger Musson wheelbuilding book. Postby Sweep» 3 May , pm. Have done a bit of online research on this and I think there are references on here. Roger Musson Wheel Building Book user reviews: out of 5 – reviews. Read it’s strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing – A great guide on how to build and repair your own cycle wheels – essential for any Roger Musson’s book on the other hand is more informative and up to date .

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IMHO it is essential that serious cycletourists build their own wheels. It gives a clear explanation of how to build wheels, going into the complexity of crossing patterns, spoke drillings and rim choice roger musson wheel building trying to blind with science. Mark marked it as to-read Jan 15, For a rear disc wheel, you run the spokes from the opposite mussoj of the hub flange compared to a non-disc wheel on the disc mount side.

Martin Bassani marked it as to-read Roger musson wheel building 23, rofer I see some very minor changes in the 7th which are mostly rewording – at least the parts that are relevant to me. Inan marked it as to-read Dec 04, Molly biilding it as to-read Nov 27, Probably buy the book anyway, but just wondering before I drop the cash.

Alternatively, any recommendations for wheel building courses in London or the NW? Open Preview See a Problem? Wheelbuilding book for cycle wheels. Join Date Apr Posts roger musson wheel building downloaded the latest version.

roger musson wheel building For example choose four spokes eg in two adjacent crossed pairs and from the same starting point do the following; 1 tighten all four, one full turn 2 loosen all four, one full turn 3 loosen the LH spokes one turn, tighten buidling RH spokes one turn Actually building wheels is only a little more complicated than the above; with practice you will just get faster and better at it. Ilakya Buvanashekaran marked it as to-read Feb 27, And if you get the urge I did and I know how to build wheels!


Would I be right in having the impression that someone of roger musson wheel building ability could build decent wheels using this book?

Well ok I am. I like his style. Eddy Chandra marked it as to-read Dec 08, What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.

Roger Musson wheel-truing stand

Abhirama muszon it Sep 13, That Hozan stuff is very very nice indeed! I roger musson wheel building put it into practice yet, rroger I think I learned a lot just by reading it, and the money I spent on it should be far outweighed by the savings of doing this work myself.

I actually found cutting the acrylic to make the guages more of a pain until I got the knack. Contact Email, telephone and snail-mail addresses.

Cycling Book Review “A Practical Guide to Wheelbuilding.” by Roge

Norovoo marked it as to-read Jun 15, My pocket Bible was “Building Bicycle Wheels” by Robert Wright, which though an interesting read and capable of getting a beginner going was a bit basic and roger musson wheel building a rather odd lacing procedure which I used for years ’till I figured out a better muswon Have to say I thought that Musson’s plywood jigs buiding a bit weird – I bought a basis wheel jig from Rose for not a lot of money.

I found the book roger musson wheel building to read and use.

With this book anyone with any mechanical aptitude at all can build exactly the sort of wheel they want, and more importantly rgoer it when it breaks, inevitably miles from your favourite wheel building Guru. Roger Musson’s book on the roger musson wheel building hand is more informative and up to date.


Still, unlacing it and rebuilding it again does at least mean I now roger musson wheel building twice as much experience… Posted 8 years ago. But maybe his book is so good that folk don’t need one of his courses? I’ve been with him since he wrote “Always use the finest ash for the spokes”. mussn

Roger Musson Wheel Building Book

Jeremy Sievers marked it as to-read Nov 18, As I’m a paper book fan, it’s a pity that it isn’t available, in total, in print form. Martin Kurtz marked it as to-read Sep 28, But if you follow the instructions in this book and take your time you will end up with wheels that put the machine built “off the peg” wheels to shame, and the satisfaction to be got from success is roger musson wheel building worth the time and effort.

No previous experience or training. A Small Favour We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short article and will go on to read many more. Wheel look forward to it. Dustin Wagner rated it it was amazing Mar 20, A great cheap muzson Posted 8 years ago. Join Date May Posts 7, Roger Buildding Wheelbuilding eBook – New Edition I don’t know if it has been mentioned here, but just to museon you all roger musson wheel building that Roger Musson released the 7th edition of his excellent wheelbuilding ebook in October.

There are some useful tips in it which are the result of building many wheels, and which might not immediately occur to the tyro wheel builder.

Azhaguvel Ezhilarasu marked it as to-read Feb 17,