In this intriguing fantasy adventure, Jeff Winston, a failing year-old radio journalist, dies and wakes up in his year-old body in with his memories of. Jeff Winston, forty-three, didn’t know he was a replayer until he died and woke up twenty-five years younger in his college dorm room; he lived another life. Replay Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and Replay by Ken Grimwood.

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Calling it the best “time travel” novel ever does not adequately explain the emotional depth of the novel.

How could this be? In Replay, Jeff Winston repeatedly dies men wakes up earlier in his life, living out 25 years over and over. Did I believe that? What if McCowan was more right about the intended genesis of the replays than we thought? One of my all time favorite books.

View all 13 comments. Jeff, and then Jeff and Pamela when he meets her during his ien replay, speculate a little as to the cause and reason behind grimqood staggered, spiralling reincarnations. He “replays” his life several times throughout the book trying to correct the mistakes of his “previous” lives.

He engineers a situation that has Lee Harvey Oswald arrested. You may unsubscribe from these email communications at any time. The broadest selection of online bookstores. They still die at the same point in time regardless of what they do with their lives.

Replay – Ken Grimwood – Paperback

He ekn her and asks her questions about future films which only a fellow replayer would know, deplay his suspicions. This is where it gets sentimental and begins making the reader question what they might do in this strange circumstance.


He remembers enough to be able to keep making sure bets and keep adding to his wealth. They fight, part, and die alone. Apart from the lunatic murderer they find. Soon, they will die, and they search desperately for answers, only to cause more problems. The preachy tone of the story and the characters’ constant self-indulgence rwplay a bad taste in my mouth.

I had very high expectations for this World Fantasy award winner. Jeff soon realizes that he cannot prevent his death inbut he can change the events that occur before it, both for him, and for others.

Replay by Ken Grimwood

This was an incredibly well-written, extremely well plotted novel that is at times both gut-wrenching and uplifting. Do you still choose to try? They try going public hoping that scientists will be able to help them with what is happening. Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night.

Then, Jeff dies again. That was up to him, and him alone. What do you use as a bookmark?

See all 12 questions about Replay…. Almost fifty years after the event, and the emotions surrounding that tragedy are still as raw as if it had just happened. He is on the phone with his soon to be ex-wife Linda when something punches him in the chest.

Replay Summary & Study Guide

Yeah, there’s not much discussion online about it. He struggles with the meaninglessness of this repetitive life without a future, sometimes repkay respite in drugs and sex. Fixing all the mistakes, seizing all the missed opportunities. This bet pays out over 12 million in cold, hard cash, but also succeeds in making sure no reputable bookie is ever going to do any business with them again, so they begin Future, Inc, and start making some honest money by snatching frimwood stock which Jeff knows will experience phenomenal growth.


Wanting to know the cause of this unusual phenomena, he finally stumbles across an interest. It’s not just kdn table; it’s a luxurious oak table with a fine gold inlay that Jeff purchased with money he won or got from investments or whatever. I don’t think my stammers were a good return answer.

The messages, which seem very vague to anyone who is not a replayer, generate a fair amount of dead-end responses until the pair receives a letter from a man who is clearly knowledgeable about future events.

I want to type more later! Any user with an extensive history of spoiling books will be banned.

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Read more from the Study Guide. I’m guessing most people in the world have only vaguely heard of if at all the Kentucky Derby or the World Series. He has retained all his memories. But, as these events recede further and further into the past, I’m not sure how much these “what-once-were-current events” will resonate with people. A man dies in middle age and wakes up back in college to live his life again. I read it at least once a year. The books have similar themes and plot devices but are completely different in tone and structure.