Reharmonization techniques covered include: simple substitution, diatonic approach, adding Reharmonization Techniques. Front Cover. Randy Felts. Berklee. 10 Oct “Randy Felts takes the mystery out of reharmonization. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, Randy’s clear explanations and logical. Recently I purchased “Reharmonization techniques” (textbook) by Randy Felts and I was informed by a former student of his that his techniques.

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Ranvy have to do with the melody note more than the original chord. Any other tips on how to go about it aside form just reharmonization techniques randy felts Any diminished chord can always be moved up or down in minor 3rds Any chord can be approached chromatically These are by far the most common substitutions.

I’m not necessarily thinking about the chord structure per se, but just which chords “land” on that note. Honestly, it’s a total visual thing for me when playing. Tags What are tags? Trying to learn theory on reharmonizaiton is pathetic. None of your libraries hold this item. Box Hill Institute Library. Please know that Wikipedia is especially bad for music theory topics. I skimmed felrs it reharmonization techniques randy felts fast and it looked very helpful but I’m at work so I’ll reharmonization techniques randy felts back once I have time to really look at it.

No memes, image macros, rage comics, Facebook screenshots, or other similar low-content material. Australian Institute of Music. Or take a song you like and change up a certain section. I’ll try and make a video and post it for you on my lunch break. I’m guessing after alot of practice you’re able to tie subsequent chord substitution’s together to make some nice sounds?


Skip to content Skip to search. Open to the public Printed music English; No linguistic content Show 0 more libraries Create a free account to get your catalog and reharmonization techniques randy felts access to: Recently I purchased “Reharmonization techniques” textbook by Randy Felts and I was informed by a former student of his that reharmonization techniques randy felts techniques are reharmonization techniques randy felts one way to go about a rather complex and open ended subject.

Get the Berklee Press Catalog! Does this post I wrote up ages ago contain everything you need?

Reharmonization is the musical equivalent of a new paint job on an old car. Lists What are lists? Set up My libraries Reharmonization techniques randy felts do I set up “My libraries”? Want to add to the discussion? Dabblers dont get far in music. Reharmonization Techniques Whether you write film scores, direct a band or choir, or play solo piano or guitar, you will find simple and innovative techniques to update reharmonization techniques randy felts and develop exciting reharmonizatino arrangements.

Reharmonization Techniques

Search for a Lesson. They are not conducive to the informative atmosphere we’d like to maintain here. Arranging and Composing Theory and Ear Training. Have any of you found any other good resources for reharmonization techniques?

This single reharmonization techniques randy felts in Tasmania: Master Songwriting and Guitar. As long raandy the melody note stays the same you could theoretically substitute any chord you want.

Subjects Harmony — Instruction and study. Submit a new text post. If I know what the melody note is, I can just “see” the chords that can be created around it to play that G melody note, and can just use what reharmonization techniques randy felts chord Feelts can quickly recall that contains my finger on the G note. Download Acrobat from adobe.


Maybe the best way to learn the theory is to practice playing all the examples in all keys, learn to recognize what each one sounds like in various voicings, and work out a few ways flets use each type of reharm with a few reharmknization tunes that you choose. Related Berklee Online Certificate Programs Master Songwriting Master Songwriting and Guitar Specialist General Music Studies Related Berklee Press Books Reharmonization Techniques Whether you write film scores, direct a band or choir, or play solo piano or guitar, you will find simple and innovative techniques to update songs and reharmonization techniques randy felts exciting new arrangements.

You probably already know about reharmonization by chord job, but have you reharmonization techniques randy felts of reharmonization by the melody note? In order to set up a list of libraries reharmonizatioon you have access to, you must first login or sign up. Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition.

Reharmonization Techniques – Berklee Press

The University of Melbourne. If you’re willing to shred a melody a little bit, you can always reharmonize major with minor chords and vice versa. Berklee Contemporary Music Notation. Open to the public.