This page is about Punjab Police Rules applicable today in all police stations of the Punjab, Pakistan under the Police Act and Police Order . 18 Apr Punjab Police Rules (Pakistan) Constitution – For the purposes of section 3 of the Police Act (V of ) the Punjab is divided into. 1. THE PUNJAB POLICE RULES. (AS APPLICABLE IN HARYANA STATE) .. (e) a person of Indian origin who migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri.

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Detailed specification for the punjjab up of certain articles are given below: This will enable the date of the previous issue of any article to any particular man to be readily ascertained.

The Police Rules,

Additional Police required for private persons or corporate bodies. In no case should full dress uniform be worn on duty. In the execution of such works the following procedure shall be adopted — vide paragraph 8. Provision shall further be made for the following annual charges: Rulees such medal was lost on duty and from causes entirely beyond the control of the police officer concerned, the Board may recommend the supply of a new medal at the public expense.

When as officer is transferred from anyof these hill stations he will leave his serge uniform behind to be used by the other officers transferred to the station as the case may be. In each case local conditions, such as the volume of commercial activity, the importance and paksitan of fairs and festivals, the general criminality of the neighbourhood and the like must be considered.

Outposts are located where necessary for the control of crime and are subordinate to the police stations in the jurisdictions of which they are located.


Addition police under section 15 — 1 Section 15 of the Police Actregulates the quartering of police in disturbed or dangerous tracts. For such a police station the minimum staff shall be 1 sub-inspector, 1 assistant sub-inspector, 1 head constable clerk and 12 foot constables. Those who have been decorated with —. Great Coat cloth 3 yard.

Punjab Police Rules, – Punjab Govt. Notification

No alteration in the number of police stations and outposts or in the boundaries of police station jurisdictions may be made without the sanction of the 19344 Government. A copy of the balance sheet of the Clothing Fund should submitted to the Inspector-General of Police.

See rules in chapter VI. Plain patent leather peak. It is the duty of the Deputy Inspector General of the range to keep the Commissioner of the pakistaj fully informed of tall matters of importance concerning the efficiency of the police and the state of crime. On all such occasions the prescribed khaki drill jacket shall be worn, with warn clothing under it or with the great-coat poloce necessary.

The ground in the vicinity of police buildings shall be kept clean and free from objectionable matter.

Administrative approval — 1 Application for administrative approval to major works, minor works and special repairs should be made rulez any time when the necessity for such works becomes apparent. The register should give the exact measurement and boundaries, and, in the case of rural lands, the khasra numbers.

Police Rules, 1934 (Vol, I, II & III)

Buildings rented as residential quarters shall be placed in charge of the Public Works Department and their rent shall be met from the Public Works Department budget, vide, paragraph of the Public Works Department Account Code. The balance shall to struck when each transaction is completed by the head clerk.


Decoration for Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve. Really really thankful jazak Allah-o-khair an kaseer.

In the exercise of such function a police officer is deemed to be a member of the police force of the province in which he is at the time. The plain-clothes shown deed not be of standard patter, but shall include a pagri and shall be suitable for walking out dress.

Sub-inspectors, and officers junior to a sub-inspector, may arrest under the orders of the officer in charge of a Police station under section 55, Code of Criminal Procedure, the persons detailed in that section. That in the rank of sub-inspectors at 15 percent of the sanctioned number of Pakistani inspectors and sub-inspectors; that in the rank of head constables at 14 percent of the sanctioned number of assistant sub-inspectors and head constables and that in the rank of constable at For men employed on traffic duties in districts and on highways.

Animals must be removed form police land and from near police buildings if the owners desire to take from the stables, or other accommodation, in which they are kept. He is also authorized to call upon the district or railway police for action in such matters, whether in respect of crime or intelligence as may, from time to time, be consigned to his charge.

Issues on payment will, however, be entered separately, in accordance with note 2 at the bottom of form ii.