Form No. 49AA Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number Pan Card Application Form 49aa Free Download Excel is not the form you’re looking. Form 49AA ✓ PAN Card form 49 AA for Foreigners ✓ Basic rules of filling PAN Application Form 49 AA ✓ Components & Structure of Form 49AA ✓ Know How to fill Form 49AA. Card! Check now in less than 3 min! Check for FREE. After installing the utility now you have to download the required form; After Form No.: 49AA. Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number.

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Structure and Components of Form 49AA. Those people who hold Indian citizenship, even if they are settled abroad should use the form applicable to Indian citizens.

The form should be filled in block letters and each applicayion in the form can contain only one character. An acknowledgement pan card application form 49aa free appear on the screen if form was submitted correctly. It is used for the purpose of applying for a new PAN Card and modifying any information submitted previously. This form is available for online as well as offline application. Address of communication – The applicant has to choose the address at which they would like to be contacted at.

Pan Card is one of the most essential documents to be possessed by residents and citizens of India, as it is a tool for identifying taxpayers. Paste your photo on one of the printouts of acknowledgement and sign in black ink. Foreign credit cards are pan card application form 49aa free not accepted. The applicant can submit the form once they have filled it with the correct details foem attached the required documents along with the form.

To be filled by individuals not being a citizen of India, Unincorporated entities, Entities incorporated outside India and unincorporated entities formed outside India.

Yes, you can use your left thumb impression for signing a PAN application form. It is advisable to use the name that is present on all other documents you have.


The applicant needs to be careful while filling in the address and should give the correct pan card application form 49aa free. The first two pages of the form are to be filled by the applicant and the rest of the pages include instructions for filling Form 49A.

The form has designated spaces for the applicant to affix their photographs on the top corners of the form.

PAN Card Application

Click here to cancel reply. Let us look at the components of Form 49A in some detail. This form is meant for the utilization of Indian citizens, entity incorporated in India and unincorporated entities formed in India. Accuracy of the a;plication provided – It is important to provide accurate details while filling the form. Pan card application form 49aa free Form 49AA should be filled up in English only.

Representative of the applicant in Care – In here, the applicant should mention details of the representative or the agent including their address and full name. An applicant can make a applkcation either by using a demand draft, credit card, debit card or even net banking.

This will contain wpplication such as the marital status, occupation details, citizenship status and more. Status of applicant – In here, the applicant has to mention if they are an individual, a HUF member, Company, Partnership firm, etc.

It is also important that they provide the country name along with the Zip code for the country. One for Indian citizens and the other for foreign citizens. Abbreviation of the name – This is the part of the form where in the applicant has to abbreviate their name based on what they want to be displayed on the PAN card. Please note that PAN card pan card application form 49aa free overseas is allowed to some countries.

There are two types of PAN application forms. Full name – This is the carc of the pan card application form 49aa free where the individual mentions their marital status along with their first name, last name and their Sur name. Form 49AA is divided into different sections with sub sections to make filling the form much easier for the applicant.


Once the form is filled, review it to ensure everything is correctly filled and click submit. Login to iCFO X. To submit at NSDL office, the application needs to be sent at. It is also governed by Rule of the Income Tax Rules, If the applicant has applied for the Permanent Account Number from UTIITSL, the application form along with the relevant documents can be submitted at any of the addresses mentioned below:.

Do not fill an Indian address. Black pages of passport are not required to be copied Please note that in case of any variation between what has been pan card application form 49aa free on this website and the relevant Act, Rules, Regulations, Policy Statements etc.

Other name – In here, the applicant has to mention the details of their other name if they were ever known by another name other than the name already mentioned. Application for Pan Card Form49A will open. The form must be filled up in block letters while leaving an empty box in between words that require a space. Information provided is for general knowledge only and should pan card application form 49aa free be deemed to be professional advice. NRIs cannot pay with a credit card from overseas.

Read Guidelines on filling form and Instructions on filling form if you wish. The form can only be filled in English. Free delivery with Amazon Prime.

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Where to mail completed form, supporting documents, bank draft Mail to: How can we help? Sign on all pagers of the photocopies of your passport and your bank statement. For professional advice kindly consult a professional accountant, immigration advisor or the Indian consulate.

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