Second Session. } [REPUBLIC ACT NO. ]. THE REVISED ELECTION CODE. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in. Read the latest Rappler news articles about Omnibus Election Code. Philippine laws prohibit corporations from making campaign donations However the. , OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE OMNIBUS ELECTION CODE OF THE Undoubtedly, the Philippine electoral system is mired in colorful hues.

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The polling place shall be centrally located as possible, always taking into consideration the convenience and safety of the voters. If the word or words written on the appropriate blank on the ballot is the identical name or surname or full name, as omnibus election code of the philippines case may be, fo two or more candidates for the same office none of thd is an incumbent, the vote shall be counted in favor of that candidate to whose ticket belong all the other candidates voted for in the same ballot for the same constituency.

The Omnibus Election Code – The Philippines | IFES

The fourth copy shall be delivered to the election registrar who shall use said copy in omnibus election code of the philippines tabulation of the advance results of the election in the city or municipality. Limitations upon expenses of political parties. This is to be determined by the board of canvassers prior to its canvassing on the basis of the certification of the provincial, city or municipal treasurer as to the serial number of the election return assigned to the said voting precinct, unless the Commission shall order in writing for its canvassing, stating the reason for the variance in serial numbers.

The provincial election supervisor and the Commission shall respectively file and preserve the voter’s affidavits by city and municipality and in alphabetical order of their surnames.

Provided, That when there are two or more candidates for an office with the same name and surname, each candidate, upon being made aware omnibus election code of the philippines such fact, shall state his paternal and maternal surname, except the incumbent who may continue to use the name and surname stated in his certificate of candidacy when he was elected.

Activities omnibus election code of the philippines the campaign period. Comelec chair under fire for ‘illegal’ mall voting Apr 20, – 9: They may not be removed or replaced except in accordance with the internal rules of said assembly or provisions of pertinent laws.

This disqualifications to be a candidate herein provided shall be electiob removed omnibus election code of the philippines the declaration by competent authority that said insanity or incompetence had been removed or after codw expiration of a period of five years from his service of sentence, unless within the same period he again becomes disqualified. Prohibition of premature announcement of voting.

Inspection of polling places. The provincial, city or municipal treasurer shall respectively keep a record of the quantity and serial numbers of official ballots and election returns furnished the various provinces, cities, municipalities and polling places, as the case may be, legible copies of which record shall be furnished the duly authorized provincial, city or municipal representatives of the ruling party and the dominant opposition party, and the Commission immediately after the distribution is made of such official ballots and election returns.


The members of the barangay assembly may take up and discuss other matters relative to the election of barangay officials. If the question is whether or not the voter is real or fictitious, his non-appearance on the day set for hearing shall be prima facie evidence that the registered voter is fictitious.

Any ballot which is not authenticated shall be deemed spurious. The provincial election supervisors and election registrars concerned shall, within fifteen days after the last day for the filing of the statements, send to thd Commission duplicate copies of all statements filed with them.

The Omnibus Election Code – The Philippines

The board of election inspectors shall observe the following rules, bearing in mind that the object of the election is to obtain the expression of the voter’s will: The omnibus election code of the philippines list of voters shall be posted in the polling places at least two days before election day. In omnibud the most representative and generally recognized organizations or aggroupments, the Ministers of Agrarian Reform and of Agriculture and Food, the Minister of Labor and Employment, and the Ministers of Local Government and Education, Culture and Sports shall consider: Provided, finally, That one only justifiable ground for denial is a prior written application by any candidate omnibus election code of the philippines political party for the same purpose has been approved.


omnjbus Official mail and telegram relative to elections. Written notice of any such change shall be made to the affected voters within two weeks therefrom. Preparation of the list before any special election, plebiscite or referendum.

In case the candidate is a woman who uses her maiden or married surname or both and there is another candidate with the same surname, a ballot bearing only such surname shall be counted in favor of the candidate who is an incumbent.

The certificates of candidacy for President and Vice-President of philippine Philippines shall be filed in ten legible copies with the Commission which shall order the printing of copies thereof for distribution omnibus election code of the philippines all polling places. Those elected in said elections shall have a term of four years starting June 30, They shall not be removed therefrom except upon order of the Commission or of a competent court and shall, during regular office hours, be subject and open to inspection by the public.

Any radio or television omnibus election code of the philippines, eelction that owned or controlled by the Government, shall give free of charge equal time and prominence to an accredited political party or its candidates if it gives free of charge air time to an accredited political party or its candidates for political purposes.

Provided, That said streamers may not be displayed except one week before the date of the meeting or rally and that it shall be removed within seventy-two hours after said meeting or rally; or. The number of ballots read and counted. Before the applicant accomplishes his voter’s affidavit, the board of election inspectors shall appraise the applicant of the qualifications and disqualifications prescribed by law for a voter.


Provided, however, That if there are other copies of the election returns outside of the ballot box which can be used in canvass, such copies of the election returns shall be used in said canvass and the opening of the ballot box to retrieve copies of the election returns placed therein shall then be dispensed with.

Preparation of the list before other regular elections. The Commission may direct omnibus election code of the philippines in the provinces, cities, or municipalities, the election expenses chargeable to the Commission be advanced by the province, city or municipality concerned subject to reimbursement by the Commission upon presentation of the proper bill.

Provided, however, That any youth sectoral phlippines who attains the age of twenty-five years during his term shall be entitled to continue in office until the expiration of his term.

Admission of challenged vote immaterial in criminal proceedings. Provided, That such changes shall be effective and enforceable only for the duration of the election period concerned and shall not affect the tenure of office of the incumbents of positions affected and shall not constitute a demotion, omnibus election code of the philippines in rank or salary, nor result in change of status: Ommnibus and highly urbanized cities.

It includes agricultural tenants and lessees, rural workers and farm employees, owner-cultivators, settlers and small fishermen. An unknonw error has occurred. The fact that there exists another person who is not a candidate with the first name or surname of a candidate shall not prevent the adjudication of the vote of the latter. One copy shall be deposited in the compartment of the ballot omnibus election code of the philippines for valid ballots, and in the case of municipalities two copies including the original copy shall be handed to the municipal election registrar omnibus election code of the philippines shall immediately deliver the original copy hpilippines the provincial election supervisor and forward the other copy to the Commission, and one copy each to the authorized representatives of the accredited political parties.

Disposition of unused ballots at the close of the voting hours. Publication of official ballots and election returns and printing thereof. The notice of such decision shall be served omnibus election code of the philippines all parties within twenty-four hours following its promulgation and any kf adversely affected may appeal therefrom within twenty-four hours to the regional trial court which shall finally decide the same not later than two days before the date of the election.