Petrik said: Brilliant is an understatement, The Bonehunters is a leviathan of a masterpiece in conve The Bonehunters (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #6). The Bonehunters: Book Six of The Malazan Book of the Fallen [Steven Erikson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Seven Cities. Welcome to the Malazan Re-read of the Fallen! Every post will start off with a summary of events, followed by reaction and commentary by your.

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An unnamed woman enters Ehrlitan via the east gate. Imagine getting prayers from ten million believers, not one of them believing the same thing as the one kneeling beside him or her. Further discussion reveals that the dragons were imprisoned by Anomander Rake because they sought the Throne of Shadow, which Anomander wanted empty. It is also very heavy due to its complexity.

The whole thing just oozes ancient history, unforgiving terrain, buried cities, religious fanaticism, unending strife and conflict, etc.

When not as good, it was like a big, long “huh? All that being said, Erikson did not disappoint on the prose and ideas this book contained.

He makes up the rules as he goes. The things that can happen on the Malaz Isle in one night.

The titles of the books thus far have fallen into two categories: As such, you may see the length of these reviews getting shorter as I progress towards the finale. As Karsa Orlong is not finished with us yet. The livestock were never let out. Micheal Page was fantastic with the audio. Beyond amazing storytelling that does not insult your intelligence.

Do we bind them by ritual and sacrifice into the beings they are? Malazan Book of the Fallen. More than anyone else in this book, he is simply his own man.


Dubray Books. The Bonehunters: Malazan Book of Fallen 6

I can feel it. On the whole I had mostly ups with this book and a few slightly drawn out moments which means that I can only give it a 4. I failed to connect to this person, so that was the point of long sections for his POV? Imagine two armies annihilating each other, both in that god’s name. Is Mael a player or not? I’m a little sad that I only have 4 books of the main series left – I never want to leave Malaz.

The Bonehunters/Dramatis Personae

Does the smell of D’rek amuse you so? Whatever each god decides, the ground-rules have changed, irrevocably, terrifyingly and the first blood spilled will be in the mortal world. E niente olio di durhang a cancellare i pensieri. The night we made passage into the realm of Bonehuntes. I know for a lot of Erikson fans including myself the Seven Cities plotline has been one of the most memorable.

And it’s all I want to read.

New PoV and PoV is one of the highlights in this book. For it was here that the Empire’s greatest champion Dassem Ultor was slain and a tide of Malazan blood spilled.

I really don’t see someone who’s enjoyed the series up to this point being disappointed in any way, shape or bonhunters Remember the Edur we met in Midnight Tides? She admits that she kicked malazah wheel of the wagon after it bonrhunters down, and in doing so, broke her foot.

Just hinting at where shit might go is really unavoidably spoilery for this kind of book. View all 56 comments. However, with that said I still thought it was a very good book on the whole and one which I enjoyed a lot.

Some of the moments in this book rank with the most shocking we’ve witnessed on the continent thus far.

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The Bonehunters: Malazan Book of Fallen 6

And that I loved someone called Lifestealer? New enemies await outside and inside the corridors of power. Never play games with Fiddler. Now, suppose gods to be essentially moral entities – that is, possessing and indeed manifestly representing a particular ethos – well, then, such moral considerations become the first victim in the war. I still have TCG to reread ma,azan this on reread is bonehuners best of those three titans. There are deep folds in every legend, and the visible, outward pattern presents a false unity of form and intention.

Jan 07, Nate rated it it was amazing. There was one character I really disliked but here I finally changed my mind. One need not accept responsibility for the world as it is, and by extension, one need do nothing about it.

Who is this “we” anyway? I know about being used, and most of the rewards are anything but, even if they look good at the time.

More of a steady progression to a final destination that all goes to hell. Almost every character we see in these books is both a puppet and a puppet-master. This item is currently out of stock. And so here I am. If that god isn’t – if there is no moral compact – then your answer is “no”, it’s not a betrayal The sixth was a continuation of the monkey spank from Book 4, so that was much of the problem. View all 19 comments.