Love, Like Water [Rowan Speedwell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three years undercover with one of the worst gangs in the country. Read Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell by Rowan Speedwell by Rowan Speedwell for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone . Ebook Rowan SpeedwellPDF and Download Love Like Water Ebook Rowan Speedwell PDF for Free. Answers – The Most Trusted Place For.

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He heads to his Uncle Tucker’s wager in New Mexico for a new start. Jun 17, Kade Boehme rated it it was amazing. An intense and wonderous story Alexander Cendese, Iggy Toma Length: Josh is so broken, he is skin and bones, and it seems like even making it through the day is a struggle. Thank you Rowan for this poignant but gorgeous story I recommend it highly.

He even endured a few beatings of his own, as well as a forced addiction to heroin.

I am not opposed to all angsty stuff. I loved the pace of this story, I enjoyed watching Joshua slowly start to heal and open up. The lesson I learnt from this book for me personally is one of being gentle on yourself. Speexwell don’t do babies. He put one hand out to the side, and pressed the other against his belly, and danced, singing the words out loud.

A bottle rowah vodka and this book would make for a wild night. Their romance is so cute The fact that the main character is dealing with a shitload of issues is just something that depends on speedweell reader to like or dislike.

The narrator could have done much more roawn distinguish between the characters and at times I lost interest Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? I felt that we could of seen more of how he struggled. Yet, Eli yes, you read that correctly, not Josh but Eli reached out to Josh first to apologizeprofesses his love, and ask for reconciliation.


Review: Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell | Joyfully Jay

He went back and forth with his feelings so often that I got whiplash. Rhys Ford Narrated by: He is a prime example of how even the bravest and strongest of men can fall to pieces, lose themselves, and struggle to hold onto li Smoldering spirit.

Oh and good lord does she do her research and noone uses their knowledge in a less patronizing way nor does it ever feel heavy handed. To be honest there are so many high rated reviews out there that echo my exact thoughts about this truly lovely story speedwwll I could quite easily have just said read those but this is one of those emotionally charged books that once I’d finished reading it, left me with that ” Wow, that was amazing ” feeling and how can you not want to share that.

In this book, Josh, has moved to his uncles ranch to heal from the effects of a long term undercover operation. Her skill in writing broken humans is awesome. Speedwell really takes us on a journey with Josh as he begins the book as a broken man and slowly finds himself among the beauty of the desert and the company wafer those on the ranch. Its heartrending but its also a beautiful love story and whether you like angst with your stories or not I thought this one was balanced perfectly.

Three years undercover with one of the worst gangs in the country left FBI agent Joshua Chastain shattered. There are times where I felt the connections were a bit too heavy handed.

Love, Like Water

There were many beautiful moments in this book but I think the lovve that I loved the most was when Joshua danced for Eli at llike waterfall. I mean, this makes for a good setup, something that has worked well for this author in the past. The romance is a slow burn and Josh has a lot of issues in the way.


Foreman Eli Kelly spends his life rehabilitating abused animals, and Joshua is just another lost soul.

So my love of this story just started to wane. A wonderful place to be, not only for the horses.

If you like a character that is full of support and caring Half dead from the heroine addiction forced upon him, Josh is plagued by nightmares of the terrible things he was forced to rowwan and do in order to protect his cover and ultimately capture the bad guys. Josh reminds Eli of one of the scared, rescued horses they work orwan, so he knows a thing or to how to act with caution.

Joshua is not much a guy who needs a little rehab, but a severely traumatized person, emotionally, physically and chemically, spsedwell his forced addiction to heroin. No stop acting like a jerk!! Did he deserve Eli? Jul 18, Awilk -never sleeps- rated it really liked it Shelves: Speedwell writes beautifully; unfortunately, the story got bogged down with internal monologues that went on for pages. Love, like water satisfied everything i love in a good book Great character development, well performed and engaging.

I could listen to K. Even though I had my issues, I imagine I will seek out the next book when the time comes. I wish it had been clarified earlier.

Review: Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell

Would you listen to Love, Like Water again? Would love him until he died. Eli set the bottle down carefully and held Josh in his lap under the silver blanket, waiting helplessly, his heart breaking.