Highlights info row . viaje a ixtlan added 11 new photos to the album: images. September 29 ·. DESCARGA +++libro 7 de 13+++ eda, Este libro es muy bello, te hace reflexionar hasta lo mas profundo de tu ser y a la vez te deleita con los personajes. El primero en mostrar el verdadero.

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Books by Carlos Castaneda. Jul 01, Lauren rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Although it appears to be the case that Castaneda, the author, fabricated some pibro the material appearing in his accounts, including that of his doctoral dissertation which begins the series, it also appears to be the case that he knows a good deal about altered states of consciousness. Don Juan is compelling enough, as are the ideas peppered throughout the books, that it doesn’t matter whether he was ever real or not.

A fabulous book in terms of starting one’s journey. Para Don Juan Matus el mundo es un lugar vasto e inexplicable en donde la magia abunda. One can erase personal history by not revealing what one really does, and by leaving everyone who knows one well.

Viaje a Ixtlan : Carlos Castaneda :

In his later years, Carlos Castaneda became the leader of his own cult, something of a Jim Jones figure, a man who apparently induced several women to kill themselves just after Carlos himself died. Journey to Ixtlan is presented as though it’s a factual work, when it is a fictional one. It’s almost impossible not to be infused with his sense of awe and wonder at what don Juan is teaching him, libri the sorcerer he is changing into. There is only time for decisions. It’s hard to set all this aside while reading Journey to Ixtlan.


Academic critics claim the books are works of fiction, citing the books’ internal contradictions, discrepancies between the books and anthropological data, alternate sources for Castaneda’s detailed knowledge of shamanic practices and lack of corroborating evidence. Taken as allegory, these books may well have value for many readers. In other words, the other worlds are real–indeed, they are truer in the sense of being more meaningful than the quotidian routines of ,ibro normal lives.

I told my friend and he said, “It’s that kind of book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Journey to Ixtlan

Ever wondered if the Viaj itself could be an animated thing roaming around the world,interacting and playing with those who percieve him? Castaneda, as the researcher, placed himself at the center of his book, writing it from the point of view of his own reactions rather than laying out an ethnography.

What baffles me the most is that skeptics-and I was one-fixate on the impossibility of the story without so much as trying any of the prescribed techniques.

An older friend of mine recommended it to me. The previous two were more concerned with hallucinogenic plants and his experiences with them which he thought was the right track for him to write on.

He has a conversation with a coyote who speaks both English and Spanish! His 12 books have sold more than 8 million copies in 17 languages. Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan inCastaneda wrote a series of books that describe his purported training in traditional Mesoamerican shamanism. There are many spiritual guide type of books that just don’t do it for me. Russell nope this is the best of all of them and he includes a lot of necessary background information as he tells the story, but I do often suggest to read …more nope this is the best of all of them and he includes a lot of necessary background information as he tells the story, but I do often suggest to read the first to before, but if your not gonna read all three just read this one less.


In here you will get an idea of what it is like to be a sorcerer, hunter and warrior.

This is an amazing book and part of an amazing series. The Teachings of Don Juan 3. You can keep vjaje everything you do. Nov 16, Joseph Pfeffer rated it it was amazing. But, the last chapter, the confession of knowing once you make this transformation, there’s no turning back, and one is still human once conquering their “ally” and seeing the other worlds…and one cannot go back to the place they once called home in spite of taking the rest of their life to journey back.

It is in this wonderful story that Carlos introduces many concepts, z rather elucidates on many concepts, which Don Juan had intro Many readers of Carlos Castaneda stop reading after A Yaqui Way of Knowledge.

The book is full of incomprehensible statements and alternate ways of looking at reality which I took this book out of the library on a whim, because I like looking at different points of view. We are all so very different and unique that nothing is truly the same for any us.

Castaneda starts xitlan with a scientist view, as a libroo and later is blown away by what happens to him, which then becomes his life long pursuits.