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Virilio makes the case that the interconnectedness of globalization has led to a plane wherein geography is negated, so that pail becomes extrinsic and the ‘Here’ is erased completely and these two are replaced by the intrinsic globalism and the ‘Now’.

The Information Bomb by Paul Virilio

The way I see it, the Internet isn’t going anywhere, so why rage against it? But this insight is Virillio is a deeply contradictory book.

I am reminded of a few paranoids on the far-right who blame video games for mass violence as though murder did not exist before ? He is best known for his writings about technology as viilio has developed in relation to speed and power, with diverse references to architecture, the arts, the city and the military.

Paul Virilio

Though knowing, via Stiegler [via Heidegger], that all we are is built of what came before? Avoiding a pseudometaphysical foundation unlike McLuhan’s sensorium for his theses, Virilio has the appearance of making more sense of things and in a few places being eerily prescient: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Without suspecting it, we have become the heirs and descendants of some fearsome antecedents, the prisoners of hereditary defects transmitted not through the genes, sperm or blood, but through an unutterable technological contamination” At times, the reader is even led to believe that Virilio is arguing more from a general culturally conservative point of view, rather than an actively critical one. Do I hate and fear this? Virilio should not comment on the ”rationaliy” of individuals in the market as bpmba is irrational ”Babel is returning – as cosmic ghetto, city and world all infofmatica one – and perhaps this time it is indestructible.


Paul Virilio | Open Library

There are some good points, but, like in Baudrillard, these are informatic by a writing style that seems to only consist of aphoristic hyperboles strung together without any cogent argument coming forth. Abtok rated it really liked it Jun 01, Reactionary movements are seldom successful. The world must inevitably become molded into one culture But it hasn’t? He concludes that mankind is potentially screwed, and he sets forth specific educational steps to help us get un-fucked.

Anthony rated it really liked it Apr 13, Virilio’s writing is in-depth and insightful, and not extremely difficult informtaica understand. Loss of time intervals, endless feedback Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Joe Walp rated it liked it Jun 24, Jun 23, Keith Seekwhence marked it as to-read. A informahica snag, however, is hit every time Virilio brings in morality. In these things, he is correct – rapid transmission of images and ideas informarica had a rapid effect on culture, perhaps not seen since the Industrial Revolution or the printing press.

Diamond rated it really liked it Oct 26, This book was first published in but at times it is rather prophetic of recent times, especially in light of the global financial crash, and more recently in the USA with the ‘scandal’ of the NSA, exposing publicly the information war that that country has been engaging in for decades.

These exhilarating bulletins from the information war extend the range paull Virilio’s work. This is a deeply vidilio book. Perhaps it is just a pervasive fear of anything new. Apr 19, Hadrian rated it liked it Shelves: Collin Feigle rated it really liked it Oct 02, Virilio bashes something he terms “extreme science.

Virilio prophesies some future effects of this information revolution, ranging from the bombardment of advertisements to the rapid transmission of information, to cybercrime, wars of information, the commodification of human life, and perhaps even ‘viral marketing’.


Trivia About The Information Bomb. He knows just enough to throw doomsday together with some borrowed verve. With that element as the only red thread, Virilio connects euthanasia machines and satellites, cinema and the transformation of paedagogy, and much more.

PaperbackVerso Radical Thinkerspages. It is a false dichotomy to suggest that technology is either our salvation or damnation. Here, exactly and always where it counts, Virilio comes up short. We cannot know the future.

Other books in the series. Virilio looks toward the potential of an information war taking place on a global scale which leads to some dystopian end of the world.

In virulio pessimistic outlook at the future of information, Paul Virilio shows us the negative potentialities, or, in some cases, actualities, of an interconnected globalism.

Return to Book Page. Old people like it. The central informaatica somewhat overblown point about the end of local time and the rise of instantaneousness is, fifteen years after this was written, not what I would consider the central problem of digital encroachment from either a philosophical or practical perspective.

It’s a useful set of tools.

Like Adorno, Spengler and McLuhan more optimistic than the first two, more critical than the last oneVirilio stresses the importance of the inconvenient, the inefficient and the critical: Hjalmar Branting rated it it was amazing Oct 27, A readable, insightful and purely philosophical i.