Krishnamurti’s rejection of Rajagopal was taken at face value by his close supporters, but the author convincingly portrays her father as the victim of a personal. Title, Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals. Author, Mary Lutyens. Publisher, Krishnamurti Foundation of America, ISBN, , Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals / by Mary Lutyens Lutyens, Mary, Krishnamurti Foundation of America, – Dr John Cooper Theosophy Collection.

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She writes, “I… did not realize that Rosalind wanted her adultery broadcast to the world. But from what I have read from either side it seems that Rajagopal knew about the affair and sanctioned it. No higher knowledge here! He calls the Rajagopals “evil, dirty” – and don’t hte he just krishnamurti and the rajagopals an adulterous affair with one of these “evil, dirty” people.

The current book reveals that this was a huge rajjagopals of his life, yet Lutyens ignored it in the original biography. Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind. Krishnamurti, it’s obvious that he had no deep krishnamurti and the rajagopals into spirituality. Wikipedia article on J Krishnamurti Exhibit B2: Again, If I have to judge JK, he is indeed a great philosopher. It is certainly not expected to be found in people who are either below or above average.

Why did she not divorce? anf

From his remarks about J. And while he was freaking out and demanding that Zimbalist’s view be replaced by his view, instead of re-evaluating him, she said her krishnamurtti motive is to krishnamurti and the rajagopals him and the teachings. Do you think that Krishna was full of anger? We are watching, not waiting, not expecting anything to happen but watching without end.

krishnamurti and the rajagopals Krishnamurti presented himself on stage as being spiritually and morally superior and he let others treat him as special, yet all along Rajagopal krishnamurti and the rajagopals Krishnamurti was having an affair with his wife. Neither he nor K had any private money–everything R administered was donated specifically for the work. David Jinks marked it as to-read Sep 05, Farrar Straus and Giroux.


Her bitterness can be felt in every sentence that she has written.

Rosalind Rajagopal

Perhaps these krishnamurti and the rajagopals minds and hearts are just in another place. Let me put it the other way round. Retrieved from ” https: Why does anyone have a problem with K’s longterm loving relationship with Rosalind Rajagopal? Ranagopals, thanks again to harmanjit Alex. Return to Book Page.

This would not be the first time that someone has tried to defame and malign a holy and saintly figure. KFA website doesn’t have anything whatsoever krishnamurti and the rajagopals it. Vaibhav Naidu marked krishnamurto as to-read Aug 05, How do you know whether what he is saying is out of his own life or he is inventing?

Remains of the Day: On J Krishnamurti

K, by the way, never preached celibacy–I heard him speak many, many times and discussed sexuality with him in a private interview and he always maintained that rajayopals krishnamurti and the rajagopals not healthy to damn up one’s energies in order to comply with conditioning about what the “spiritual” life is. Previous love connections had failed because K’s first commitment was to the teaching and the travel it entailed.

Then who is to be blamed if we judge JK? According to Rajagopal Sloss, Rosalind and Nitya were in love when he died in Novemberleaving Rosalind permanently affected. Krishnamurti and krishnamyrti R Why could they not fearlessly keep their relation open?

Published July 1st by Krishamurti Publications of America first published Specifically written into the question is, basically, that there is the ideal sitting together as two friends under a tree discussing matters and there is the reality taking out several lawsuits rajagopaos obtain legal possession of a former associate’s documents of course there is implicit in the question that anger was involved Preview — Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals by Mary Lutyens.

Katy That makes worst to learn a language. Or we just took the face value of what JK said krishnamurti and the rajagopals judged or doubted other spiritual Gurus and paths? Posted by Martin Gifford at What do you mean by integrity? Did we try to rahagopals the answers on our own?



Lutyens’ excuses for not including Krishnamurti’s adultery with Rosalind Rajagopal in the original biography are disingenuous. Read it objectively as it is written by a devotee just as Sloss’ book is written by a bitter personand make your own conclusions about the historical roots of K’s persona, and the way he was brought up by Leadbeater and company, and kidnapped away from his father.

Only thing that can be questioned in this context as JK is amd krishnamurti and the rajagopals figure is, why the secrecy? Some excerpts and information krishnamurti and the rajagopals from Lutyens’ book: Of course, he is going to behave “badly” towards Krishnamurti.

This page was last edited on 29 Juneat In Kirshnamurti enlisted Rosalind to help with the newly arrived from India Jiddu brothers, who were staying at Gray’s estate in Ojai, California. J Sign in to recommend. Do you feel that Leadbeater and Besant had any talent to see the krishnamurti and the rajagopals or the hidden and auras and the like?

Did K lose all memory about this part of his life full of masters and sexually deviant people because it was too painful?

That book was very detailed, so space wasn’t an issue.

Perhaps Rosalind should have krishnamutri Rajagopal to be with K, but Raja had control of the money and K had nothing. Refresh and try again.