Mumbai Mirror, Thursday, February 7, “Sense and Sensuality” Kissa Yoni Ka, the Hindi avatar of Vagina Monologues manages to walk. Kissa Yoni Ka: What The Vagina Monologues Mean In Hindi. By Lauren O’Neal. January 30th, As reports of the utterly horrifying rape and death of a. kissa yoni ka – The air was filled with the hushed voices of women in the theatre. Many were reluctant to attend the staging of ‘Kissa Yoni Ka’.

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The Hindi version too did not get much leeway to adapt beyond the known cultural specifics, but it does manage to add an Indian ‘tadka’ on occasions. But the real challenge for the play will yonni to move out of plush venues into the heart of this country and play in conservative settings where liberation and empowerment are truly missing.

In one, a husband injured his wife while shaving her vagina with a blade; in another case, a young girl was shunned upon as her menstruation cycle set in.

Kissa Yoni Ka/The Vagina Monologues Hindi Play/Drama –

I had abused my body; if not cancer, some other malady would have struck me: The actors speak too fast though, and before the first impressions have sunk in, a honi chapter begins. Talking about sex and sexuality in Hindi means either mouthing a series of expletives or a set of unheard of Sanskrit terms that sound very out of place in spoken language.

Watching the sexual abuse scene on stage brought her a sense of closure. This site uses cookies. But the task has uoni handled deftly.

Kissa Yoni Ka/The Vagina Monologues play review

Predictably, the play takes the audience through the vagina nomenclature, which reads like a grocery list, and then flirts with the surrounding paraphernalia – the smell, the hair, the menses, the taboos, and the fears that surround intimacy and contact. Kader Khan’s son dismisses reports of the actor’s demise, says it’s all a lie. The Hindi version uses old movie songs whose lyrics when doubly interpreted fit the topic of the next monologue. The translation must have been a tricky affair.


Kissa Yoni Ka, the Hindi avatar of Vagina Monologues manages to walk the translation tightrope without succumbing to vulgarity. Written By Maitri Porecha. Its beauty and strength lies in the fact, that the women whose stories these are belong to the kjssa group of people we call survivors. It is not clear what message the play intends to send. Those of us who think that the secret to empowerment and even sexuality lies in the mind and not the vulva might find the play taking itself too seriously at times.

After the agony of childbirth, a sense of relief took over yooni said Sunita. It is not very amusing though when Kishore Kumar becomes the starting point of the old Parsi woman’s first intimate encounter, and celebrity film stars of the 60s float through her secretions.

The play’s kiwsa scores low for its predictable answers, and lacks in the creative wit one would expect from a good writer. Then, it erupted in a wave of applause. But the producers kq cast continue to push the envelope. But nevertheless, I am probably one of the few people that watched it for the first time, in hindi, and I must say, I am a little intrigued to see what the play is like in English!

Register a workshop View all workshops. With an all NSD Graduate syllabus characterizations, method acting, camera performance, play readings and scene work rehearsals. As the minute play progressed, suppressed whispers of the women transformed into loud laughter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The play touched upon close to 15 horrific real life stories from over women interviewed across the globe.

The original American stories sound very much at home in their new Parsi, Marathi, Punjabi settings. These pics of Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s daughter Nysa are too alluring to miss! The Vagina Monologues, written by Ensler after speaking to women, has evoked strong reactions. First staged in in India by Kaizad and Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal’s Poor Box Productions in Mumbai, the play continues to draw a niche audience due to its taboo breaking theme, which has managed to find resonance in over 70 countries with varying cultures.


It is a organ to be celebrated and not looked down upon. Mahabanoo Modi Kotwal Writer: Poor-box recently launched a programme where they staged the play for Class 10 and Class 12 students of a Mumbai school and conducted workshops, and Kaizaad hopes to stage performances for the armed forces and in Parliament.

Kissa Yoni Ka/The Vagina Monologues play review , Hindi play review –

I believed that a baby will pop out of my ikssa. Then, no venue would allow them to perform, until Sanjana Kapoor, and her Prithvi Theatre, stepped up. We will teach women to assert their sexuality instead of shying away from it,” said Iyer.

Next story Air India loses Rs 10 crore a month, thanks to billboards. Worthy causes, but the play creates doubts about how wise it is to make a spectacle of an organ. Toggle navigation Register Login. Kisssa oriented acting workshop by nsd graduates Discover the star course at Crafters. The air was filled with the hushed voices of women in the theatre. Production oriented acting workshop by nsd graduates Discover the star course at Crafters. We see the vagina as embodying the spirit of woman, the essence of womankind.

Get theatre updates in your inbox subscribe to Mumbai Theatre Guide toni updates. Real issues concerning women run much deeper. If a vagina could speak, what would it say? Collage Workshop for Kids 8 years years Mixed Media: Hopefully the Hindi translation will help the team do just that.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Kiswa monologues come in quick succession and give little pause for thought or reflection. Tuesday’s was the first in a series of 10 performances of the play to be alternatively held at Prithvi theatre and Jai Hind college auditorium reaching out to nearly 3, women from the slums of Thane, Mankhurd, Dharavi and others.