Jconsole is a JMX-compliant monitoring tool. It uses the extensive JMX instrumentation of the Java virtual machine to provide information on performance and. 2 Apr JMX Tutorial, What is JMX, MBean, Java JMX Example, JMX Console, JConsole, 10 minuts Quick tutorial for JMX API for beginners. JConsole (Java Monitoring and Management Console) is a graphical tool that allows the user to monitor and manage the behavior of Java applications.

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The VM moves objects that live long enough in the survivor spaces to the “tenured” space in the old generation. Number of classes currently loaded into memory. A memory pool can be managed by more than jconsole tutorial memory manager. When I started jconsole. While you can get some information from the operating system such as CPU and memory usageyou will often need much more detailed information. If jconsole tutorial key specified in the list does not apply to a particular MBean, then that key will be discarded.

The chart shows the memory use of the Java VM over time, for heap and non-heap memory, jconsole tutorial well as for specific memory pools.

The red line is the total number of classes loaded including those subsequently unloaded. So, returning to the example of the Triangle MBeans cited above, you could choose to start JConsole specifying the keyPropertyList system property, so that all your MBeans jconsole tutorial be grouped according to their side key property first, and their name key property second.

To check if your application jconsole tutorial run into a deadlock for example, your application seems to be hangingdeadlocked threads can jconsole tutorial detected by clicking on the “Detect Deadlock” button.


They create many objects that have short lives, for example, iterators and tuotrial variables. Applications that are attachable, with the management agent disabled. You can also monitor CPU usage, detect deadlocks on the Threads tab, and use the MBeans tab to monitor or manage specific jconsole tutorial of the JVM or the application running in it.

It jconsole tutorial free to use.

Using JConsole

The bar chart on the lower right-hand side jconsole tutorial the memory consumed by the memory pools in heap and non-heap memory. You’ll see a main window similar to Figure A. In addition to comprehensive monitoring and application management support offered by J2SE 5. Its value may change or be undefined. Using this built in support you can not only monitor your stand alone applications jconsole tutorial also web containers such as Apache Tomcat, JBoss etc.

Displays information jconsole tutorial thread use. Both JConsole and the application must by executed by the same user. A memory allocation may fail if the Java VM attempts to increase the used memory to be greater than committed memory, even if the amount used is less than or equal to max for example, when the system is low on virtual memory. Double-clicking on numeric attribute jconsole tutorial will display a chart that plots changes in that numeric value.

The user can perform this operation using MBeans. Total amount of time since the Java VM was started.

The command syntax to start Jconsole tutorial for local monitoring of a specific application is the following. Like the heap, the method area may be of fixed or variable size. Now I want to monitor this program using JConsole.

multithreading – How to monitor a Java program using Jconsole? – Stack Overflow

It stores per-class structures such as a runtime constant pool, field and jconsole tutorial data, and the code for methods and constructors. The input arguments the application passed to the Java VM, not including the arguments to the main method. Java Monitoring and Management Console. In the above command, plugin-path specifies the paths to the JConsole plug-ins to be looked up.


Creating a MBean object or resource. Jconsole tutorial Hotspot VM uses adaptive compilation, in which the VM jconsoole an application using jconsole tutorial standard interpreter, but then analyzes the code as it runs to detect performance jconsolle, or “hot spots”.

To avoid this problem, you can specify the order in which the MBeans are displayed in the tree jconsole tutorial supplying an ordered key property jconsole tutorial when you start JConsole at the command line. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. Taking a heap dump and analyzing the dump to find out the origin of the memory leak.

Using JConsole – Java SE Monitoring and Management Guide

This tutogial box has three tabs:. Number of objects pending for finalization. Jconsole tutorial jconzole for finalization: Note – Using JConsole to monitor a local application is useful for development and for creating prototypes, but is not recommended for production environments, because JConsole itself consumes significant system resources.

The memory pools available depend on which version of jconsole tutorial Java VM is being used. Memory Current heap size: The bar will turn red when jconsole tutorial memory used exceeds the memory usage threshold.