7 Jun Qutb writes, ‘As I wrote this book over the years I did not entertain the hope that it would elicit such a warm reception and appreciation, And. 27 Jun What’s so special about Islam: the Misunderstood Religion and its author, Muhammad Qutb? Another book on the Qur’an, the prophet and the. Most of us have heard of the Hadith by the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH): “Islam This book by Muhammad Qutb aims to clear many of these misunderstandings.

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Muhammad Qutb

While he may have learned something from watching Hollywood movies which he may not have done being a pious Muslimhow much would a pious, viscerally anti-American Islamist — who strongly disapproves of qitb the mixing of sexes and women leaving the home — know about non-Muslim American women?

Another problem is the shariah punishments aka hudoodare so harsh they end up seldom being used in places they are theoretically in effect like Nigeria and Pakistan. Most slave trade in the Muslim world had nothing to do with prisoners-of-war. The civilized Western governments, which at last prohibited prostitution, did not act so out of any respect for the human status of a iskam as such, [but because] these prostitutes had lost all their usefulness, their place having been taken by the common sybaritic society misundedstood.

Islam: The Misunderstood Religion by محمد قطب

Women rather than men are more generally the victim of this psychological malady What was the sex life of people in communist countries like? There is no trace of any conflict between science and their religious beliefs to be thee in the minds of these great Muslim scientists.

Thus they conclude, these vast powers lead to dictatorship and the common people are made slaves with no right to think for themselves. Could this be a warning against amateur interpretation of eternal and unchanging Islamic law, positing as Islamic whatever economic or social theory happens to be popular at the time?


This may make them fall an easy bh to the lust of men. She’s a woman, too! Uzbekistan grants full suffrage to women. But “there is one last hope: Also, the section on Women and Islam is not satisfactory at all. Abdul Muhaymin rated it really liked it Apr 15, A case against him would have been a waste of the court’s time. Islamic banking replaces interest on loans with payments using arabic names, but doesn’t replace capitalist economic order, or even much of the market for loans.

Muhammad Qutb – Wikiquote

A woman with “even one button” unbuttoned on her blouse was “considered lewd. Thus poverty and extreme inequality will be eliminated under Qutbian ,isunderstood government. Why such wild hyperbole?

All these activities of man depend upon his intellectual ability. The Prophet gave him an axe and a rope and ordered him to collect some wood and sell it and live by its price.

It is for this reason that I am at a loss to understand how all this empty talk about an muhmmad equality between man and woman can ever bring it to pass. Why is it that “Islam permits women to go outside their houses only when there is really a genuine need for them to do so”?

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Show Westerners are not going to flee in terror from fearless jihadis, by fighting them where they stand, not by misundersrood hands and trying to appease them. In Egypt, the Al-Rayan Bank, founded in the early s on the concept of sharing profits So when did this perfection exist?

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Municipal government in the U. The perfection Qutb describes hardly ever existed.

After each revolution several thousand of these corrupt elements are executed in public and burnt and the story is over. The most notable example of it is that incident wherein Caliph Omar called out to Sariah, a Muslim commander saying: The victim’s accusation also carries little weight; the only significant testimony she can give is an admission of guilt If the will be there and both wish peace, the friends and kindred may prove a useful as any court Granted concessions to British imperialists?

Man not only shrank back from taking upon himself the responsibility of supporting her – be she his wife or mother – but also charged her to provide for her ownself. Qutb scoffs at fears of “free thinkers” who claim the “vast powers” of the Islamic state will “lead to dictatorship”.

The Russian efforts, which Thus, when the Christians of Damascus asked to be conscripted and refused relligion pay the Bedelwhich they considered a substitute for the jizyathey were regarded as rebellious rayas [conquered non-Muslims] who had lost the right to protection, and this, together with other factors provoked their massacre in If this sounds a little high it’s because it would mean an average of one and half babies born to each American high school girl minus any abortions and miscarriages by the time their three years of high school were up!

I recommend you to read it to find another perspective on how Islam should be viewed.