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In determining the basis differences that should be included for this test, the registrant should consider ASC and ASC A. Note that in a registration statement, updated audited financial statements of the acquired entity may be required before the 90th day, if either the acquired business is an accelerated filer or a large accelerated filer or the registrant does not meet the requirements under S-X c.

The same rules for updating S-X financial statements apply to S-X financial statements. If the acquisition is significant, audited financial statements will ordinarily be required in a Form 8-K after consummation. The determination of the target company should be based on the legal form of the transaction.

Financial Reporting Manual

Historical financial statements of the disposed business are not required in the Item 2. Fiscal years before the latest fiscal year Need not be audited if they were not previously audited.

This assumes that the new entity has no other activities besides leasing real property. Measuring significance using the financial statements described in Section Lnvestir 71 calendar day extension is inveshir available. There are different requirements for filing financial statements of a non-reporting target in an S-4 registration statement see Section However, the separate requirements of S-X may apply in other filings such as a Form 8-K or a subsequent registration statement.

See exception below at Section Also, SFASparagraph 39 [ASC ] requires certain financial statement footnote disclosures about major customers and SOPDisclosure of Risks and Uncertainties [ASC ], requires certain financial statement footnote disclosures about current vulnerabilities due to concentrations in the volume of business transacted with a particular customer.

It is not appropriate to provide audited financial statements for a rolling month period prior to the acquisition in lieu of audited financial statements for the latest fiscal year end of the property.

Item 14 c 2 requires five years of selected financial data with respect to the properties that are the subject of the shareholder vote. If a waiver is granted, an audited statement of assets acquired and liabilities assumed reflecting the purchase basis of accounting as of the acquisition date will be required, as well as Industry Guide 3 data and various additional disclosures. Form 8-K does not require audited financial statements of insignificant properties unless they are “related properties” and significant on a combined basis.

Try This PDF:   IEC 61672-1 PDF

In these arrangements, a lender participates in the expected residual profit and shares in the risk and rewards of the owner. S-X Number of Significance Tests: Only pre-acquisition financial statements satisfy S-X The staff believes that the purpose of the S-X reference to S-X w is to describe the mechanics of the significance tests, not to limit application of the tests to the most recently completed fiscal year.

Audited financial statements required to be filed to satisfy the requirements of SAB 80 should be for continuous periods, with no gap or overlap between pre-acquisition and post-acquisition audited periods. The following table summarizes general financial statement requirements in Act registration statements with respect to the acquisition of real estate operations. As described in Sectionthe significance thresholds in S-X differ from those stated in S-X w.

A post-effective amendment filed to consolidate stickers or to update the financial statements under Section 10 a 3 of the Exchange Act does not need to include financial statements for significant property acquisitions during the day extension period allowed by Item 9.

Financial statements meeting all of the requirements of Regulation S-X S-X through S-X are required notwithstanding the reference to Proxy Rules 14a-3 bwhich might be read to suggest certain components of Regulation S-X, such as financial statement schedules, need not be provided. In that case, audited financial statements usually should be presented for the acquired component business, excluding the continuing operations retained by the larger entity. Measuring Significance — Significance should be measured for each fiscal year presented.

The condensed financial information presented should include a total for comprehensive income presented in either a single continuous statement or in two separate but consecutive statements. If the company has not completed its first fiscal year, use the most recent audited balance sheet filed with the SEC.

Compare the registrant’s investment in the property to the registrant’s total assets at the latest audited fiscal year end filed with the SEC except as noted in Section for individually insignificant acquisitions and Section for REIT formation transactions. The staff generally believes that combining the historical results of the successor and predecessor without S-X Article 11 pro forma adjustments is not an appropriate surrogate for the significance test.

When a registrant acquires an equity interest in a pre-existing legal entity invesitr engages in other activities, such as property management or development, financial statements of that entity meeting the requirements of Unvestir generally are required if the acquisition is significant.


While not an exclusive list, items impacting net income of the registrant that should be excluded from the test are: Also, the acquiree’s income may not be averaged.

Therefore the updating requirements relate to annual financial statements. Securities Act registration statements and post-effective amendments should include audited financial statements reporting on the operations of the acquired business for invesgir time span equal to the periods for which audited financial statements are required by S-X and pro investif financial information is required by S-X Article 11 at the effective date.

Businesses are related under S-X if:. A third party credit enhancement is an agreement between a third party and the issuer or a trustee that does not run directly to the security holders. Invesir registrant may continue to use this modified method of measuring significance until it files its first annual report after the distribution period ends. NOTE to TOPIC 2 The staff may require other financial statements as necessary for a fair presentation of the financial condition of any entity whose financial statements are either required or otherwise necessary for the protection of investors.

If the registration statement is effective February 1,the registration statement would require audited financial statements of the registrant for the ingestir ended December 31, and unaudited financial statements for the nine months ended September 30, Generally, a registrant measures significance using its pre-acquisition consolidated financial statements as of the end of the most 206 completed audited fiscal year required to be filed with the SEC.

As described in Section S-X does not apply to smaller reporting companies. See the related discussion about the effect of different fiscal year ends and one quarter or less lags at Section Favorable requests for relief from S-X often do not provide a sufficient basis for also granting relief from the disclosure required by S-X g.

Duplex recently built comprising 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, common swimming pool, parking and close to the sea. These are the same requirements for filing financial statements of an acquired non-reporting business in a Form 8-K see Section It is not used to investig significance for acquisitions that occur after the effective date of the initial registration statement.