Kansas Intoxalock User’s Manual. 1. Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED. Section – Introduction. Your vehicle is (or will be) equipped with an. Intoxalock Installation Manual. ATTENTION ALL SERVICE PERSONNEL. AND SHOP MANAGERS: Under NO circumstances is an ignition. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. INTOXALOCK TRAINING VIDEO IN ENGLISH. 5 years ago More. Interlock Arizona. Follow. 0. Share.

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I wish to receive email notifications about future comments. Where in the denver area can I find an auto body shop that will work on a vehicle with an intoxilock on it. Is my device protected from theft or accidental damages?

In some states, your interlock may enter into a temporary lock out, preventing you from submitting another sample for a few minutes.

What is a Lock Out? These are not false readings, but containment readings. You will schedule your removal appointment through Intoxalock’s Customer Service department.

24 INTOXALOCK Questions and 22 Answers @ Pissed Consumer

If the Intoxalock device displays anything other than 0. What happens if I fail the breath test when I am trying to start my car? If your battery health is good, contact our top-rated customer service team to further troubleshoot.


Call us today to learn more about your state laws and random retests. Intoxalock has more locations than any other interlock provider — find one today!

How to use your device

If you fail a breath test, your vehicle will not start. Can an ignition interlock device shut my vehicle off? Are there other sources of alcohol that an Intoxalock device could read?

Calibrations” in your Manuak Manual for further information. In many states, you are required to provide this document to your monitoring authority for review. If you received equipment shipped directly to your home, please make sure that you return the equipment immediately following removal, and then contact Intoxalock to fully close your account.

You will be required to blow into a mouthpiece prior to starting your car so the device can measure your Breath Alcohol Content BrAC. Each state, and many times, each monitoring authority, has their own requirements for what is reported to them.

How to use an ignition interlock device | Intoxalock

Convert lntoxalock review Leave as comment. When you go and get your device recalibrated and the dealer sends the info to the state what exactly gets sent?

Please review the last page of your lease and User’s Manual for additional information. Intoxalock installers are highly trained to quickly and carefully install your equipment.

Can an ignition interlock be installed on a motorcycle? The other is a straight blow method that requires a more forceful breath.


What is a rolling retest? Please call to speak with one of our Customer Service representatives and see how they can resolve your problems today!

If you have any further questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you! Intoxalock devices are the easiest to operate. Once you pass the test, you will be able to start your vehicle. Learn more about Intoxalock: Problems operating an ignition interlock device How many times can you fail an ignition interlock device? Easy-to-understand and affordable pricing.

How does an ignition interlock device work? For more information regarding the rolling retest feature, please login at https: Then click on the video titled “Retests”. Each state determines how many attempts you have at providing a passing sample. You should stay inside your car at all times once it has been started. What is a BrAC reading, and what does it mean if I get one?

In other states, we will electronically notify your state of the installation.