If I am assassinated [Zulfikar Ali Bhutto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. IF I AM ASSASSINATED ZULFIKAR ALI BHUTTO Reproduced by Sani H. Panhwar Member Sindh Council, PPP If I Am Assassinated By Zulfikar An Bhutto . Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (ذوالفقار علی بھٹو ) (5 January – 4 April ) was a Pakistani When Bhutto set about rebuilding Pakistan, he stated his intention was to “rebuild confidence and rebuild hope for the future”. ; My Pakistan, Biswin Sadi Publications, New Delhi, ; If I am Assassinated, Vikas, New Delhi.

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Reprocessing plant negotiation with France in Shortly, roughly two weeks past after experiencing the winter waron 20 JanuaryZulfikar Ali Bhutto rallied a conference of nuclear scientists and engineers at Multan. For instance, an Additional Secretary in the Federal Secretariat informed me that the journalist, Mr.

If I Am Assassinated

The constitution proclaimed an ” Islamic Republic ” in Pakistan with a parliamentary form of government. Bhutto was falsely accused and brutalized for months during proceedings that corrupted the Judiciary of Pakistan before being murdered, then hanged.

Sajjad Ahmad Jan telephoned me from Lahore that assasssinated publicity should be stopped forthwith. It is an additional link in the long chain of assiduous endeavors, which began covertly and overtly from 5 th July In one situation, the population is regimented into acquiescence.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Zulfiqa it may be too late, because in the eyes of Bhutto, President Zia has already committed “high treason” punishable with death. International Journal for Socialist Renewal.

A Past and Present” Assassinnated docs. There is direct evidence in his boasting. The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi. Inhe married Begum Nusrat Ispahani on September 8, In also, I left nothing to chance. Mahmood had been arrested immediately after Zia’s coup and had been imprisoned for two months prior to taking the stand.


On 5 July that same year, Bhutto was deposed by his appointed army chief General Zia-ul-Haq in a military coup before being controversially tried and executed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in for authorising the murder of a zulfiaqr opponent.

Full text of “If I Am Assassinated By Shaheed Bhutto”

Furthermore, an additional reason for withdrawing the extraordinary powers given to the Election Commission after the elections was because individuals aggrieved by the employment of these summary powers had filed writ petitions in the High Courts challenging the legality of the extraordinary jurisdiction.

He used to take the train from the south to the north, and en route would address public meetings at different stations. Bhutto should have realised that his beloved Pakistani people only react to orations and personal gains to themselves and their immediate family. But the main value of the document lies above and beyond these particular charges and counter-charges, and this value will live whether Bhutto lives or not and whether he rigged the elections or not.

The lessons of Baluchistan are only magnified many times by Bhutto’s account of what happened in what was then East Pakistan, is happening, he says, in West Pakistan and can happen wherever in the Third World, military leaders try to do what military leaders have always tried to do in Pakistan.

Documents have been specially selected and doctored to implicate me.

Although he secured the release of Pakistani soldiers held by India, Bhutto was criticised by many in Pakistan for allegedly making too many concessions to India.

BUT if they are unable to win then Army would take bhuto.

For this reason, one is called a regime and the other, a government. The sanction of the people’s consent stands behind the hierarchy of laws. The operation was carefully analysed and at 0: The coup d’etat might have fired shot at midnight on 4 th Julyin conformity with the conspiratorial nature of tommy gun coup d’etats.

He has broken each one of his solemn pledges to the people after reciting passages from the Holy Quran. Burney, one time Editor of the English weekly ‘Outlook’, had been engaged by the General Headquarters-to conduct a probe into the elections. They are reported to have offered to keep Bhutto indefinitely in prison in their own countries, out of harm’s way.


It is a perfect combination of statements which had been exploited in one’s defence ever. After the Tashkent Agreement ended hostilities, Bhutto fell out with Ayub and was sacked from government. Some of the candidates and the Chief Minister of a province informed me that such inquiries were being carried out in a hush manner in many places.

But the work of the former Pakistan prime minister, Zulfikar All Bhutto, has an air of mystery about it as well. Khan, was the Father of Pak nuke programme”. He was humiliated during the trials with offensive language. Beijing, People’s Republic of China: Masud in the National Assembly. In return the new rulers of Pakistan would drop the nuclear reprocessing plant which Bhutto had negotiated with France.

The National Assembly approved the new Constitutionwhich Bhutto signed into effect on 12 April. Bhutto and his confidants.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Army jargon has been used to make the military regime and its collaborators understand that the more they accuse me of thorough planning and preparations for elections, the more they exonerate me of rigging!

Riazahmad rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Why now, especially when, as shown above, the assassinted was neither justified nor explained on account of rigging the elections of March ; and particularly: It is well known that Masood Mahmud is the principal byutto in the murder case against me. Death Knell –