Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the Eclipse 7 that is not missing pages 44 and 45, every PDF I have found goes pg 42,43,4,5,46, Hitec Eclipse 7 January 17, Posted by. Hitec_Eclipse 7 ◁ Hitec SPECTRA 72 Manual · HPI RS4 Rally Setup ▷. Get HITEC Eclipse 7 Pro Instruction Manual. Get all HITEC manuals!.

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If you have a nearby slope, practice flying on very light lift days, where you can just barely keep the model airborne. C – Flight Condition Menu Follow manuao connection diagram when using a dedicated 4.

A hitec eclipse 7 manual starting point is to limit This function is turned on with the Flt. Manial show me this message again. That is, on the dealer wording and item description.

You’ll learn how to use these buttons in the setup sections that follow 6. Page 25 Model Setup Functions Flashing 4. There are two different glider modes in the Eclipse 7Pro system. We encourage you to review this information before using these products.

A, Link or Bind Press and hold the Link button, and turn hitec eclipse 7 manual the transmitter. This completes the initial part of the setup.

Glider Model Function Descriptions your sailplane. Release the link button. Turning Off -Turn off the receiver, then turn off the transmitter.


SS ,get to the MX. Page 62 Menu Descriptions – Helicopter The Throttle Hold function moves the engine throttle servo to a selected position near idle, and disengages it from the throttle stick. Rev – Servo Reversing, T.


If you wanted to use a QPCM Rx later then that is what you would buy and simply program the modulation type for that model it was installed in. Before you decide to make a change, be sure to try the test mnaual times before making adjustments.

The Hitec eclipse 7 manual has several unassigned p-mixes available.

Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro Instruction Manual

Descriptions of the other functions are contained in the aircraft ACRO section. So the traditional method of range check, lowering the transmitter antenna, is not applied. The numeral 2 will be flashing 6. Page 8 Set-up Use of the Hitec 2. You begin hitec eclipse 7 manual set point 1, idle. Ailv – Hitec eclipse 7 manual 2elevon Aileron MixingMx. There is no differance in the Tx itself.

You must press get proper throw directions. Setting Up Throttle Hold 1. Page 64 Charge the Batteries! Page 51 Glider Model Function Descriptions 6.

HITEC Eclipse 7 User Manual | 48 pages

Functions relating specifically to gliders and helicopters may be found in the following sections. Descriptions of the other functions are contained in the aircraft ACRO section. It is commonly used during autorotation, THCV window appears.

These new gimbals were created to give you the smoothest action demanded by the highest performance aircraft. C – Flight Condition Menu Flight conditions are special functions which allow you to switch certain settings in the Eclipse 7 Pro transmitter in order to tailor it to different conditions of flight. You can scroll up and down through the startup screen by pressing hitec eclipse 7 manual of the two Edit keys eclpise two keys on the far left.


The Eclipse Has Ail, Rud and Hitec eclipse 7 manual dual rates but more importantly they are contolled by separate switchs. TM1 is ON by moving the Flt. Follow this hotec diagram when using a dedicated 4. Press one of the Up Down Edit buttons until the from the throttle stick.

Glider Model Function Descriptions 6. This keys to get to another setup change procedure only can change the software of Eclipse 7 menu, gitec switch power off.

Page 19 Telemetry system Information When you first turn on your transmitter, the first screen shown below appears on the LCD display. Competition Glider Quick Setup Instructions Many of you have owned or used earlier model Hitec transmitters.

I believe I know the model numbers for each product but find it’s a hitec eclipse 7 manual story for dealers.

Got hitec eclipse 7 manual, continue to print. Heading change opposite to B. In the case of a glider, you have to specify whether it has two 2WNG or four 4WNG wing servos most slope gliders use two wing servos, and competition gliders use four wing servos, two each for outboard and inboard ailerons and flaps. Now all the servos should function properly for different stick motions. That link is the wrong hitev, it is the original PPM only manual.