Time Duration and Simultaneity . Chia (), inspired by process philosopher Henri Bergson’s thinking about time, argued against the way knowledge about. Bergson. – Duration And Simultaneity [Book Review]. J. Merleau-Ponty Henri Bergson, Duration and Simultaneity: Bergson and the Einsteinian Universe. Henri Bergson, Duration and Simultaneity: Bergson and the Einsteinian Universe Time, Duration and Freedom – Bergson’s Critical Move Against Kant.

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Therefore, it always excludes other societies. An Essay on the Meaning of the Comictrs.

Life and works Bergson was born in Paris on October 18, ; he was the second of seven children of a Polish Father and English mother; both of his parents were Jewish.

We simultabeity imagined a system S at rest in the znd ether, and a system S’ in motion with respect to S. We stated that it is of the very essence of our attention to be able to be divided without being split up. This situation is a natural, though not an inevitable, henrj opment from that which faced Bergson. There is nothing here of the artificial, conventional, merely human.

Bergson also calls the last characteristic of temporal progress mobility. How often has not this mean- ing been described and commented upon! We can see again that there are bodily needs which must be satisfied.

However, this procedure would be perfectly fine only if the signal’s journey were the same leaving as returning or, in other words, if the system to which clocks O and A are attached were motionless in the ether.

Although Bergson does not say this, one might say that Tuesday is different from Monday because Monday only includes itself and Sunday, while Tuesday includes itself, Monday, and Sunday.

Henri Bergson, Duration and Simultaneity: Bergson and the Einsteinian Universe Reviewed by

Suppose a clock synchronized with Peter’s is placed on the star. Bergson is employing the concept of image to dispel the false belief — central to realism and materialism — that matter is a thing that possesses a hidden power able to produce representations in us.


An Introduction to Metaphysics. These formulas, which are the expression of creation and love, are now able to be mixed with the formulas that aim solely to insure the stability of any given society. Such is our durayion idea of simultaneity- We therefore call two external flows that occupy the same duration “simultaneous” because they both depend upon the duration of a like third, henrj own; this duration is ours only when our consciousness is concerned with us alone, but it becomes equally theirs when our beergson embraces the three flows in a single indivisible act.

On the Verge of Being and Time: Let the “quietly seated” More decide to run in his turn, let him get up and run: On the Verge of Being and Time: It is limited and particular.

Henri Bergson – – Indianapolis: Originally they were one, and simultaneuty, in.

Find it on Scholar. To see this the earliest example will suffice— the Michelson-Morley experiment.

All is then for the best, and a good genie has arranged things this way. The second of the clock attached to the moving earth is therefore longer than that of the stationary clock in duratjon motionless ether.

Henri Bergson

Let us pause at this point. Bergson’s second book, Matter and Memoryappeared in But, this hypothesis does not yet account for evolution in the diversity of its simhltaneity, nor does it explain the principle of the nature of life. What has to be shown is duraion Paul will return smiultaneity than Peter, no matter whether the motion is ascribed to one or the other.

Since the same argument can be repeated step by step, a single duration will gather up the events of the whole physical world along its way; dimultaneity we shall then be able to eliminate the human consciousnesses that we had at first laid out at wide intervals like so many relays for the motion of our thought; there will be nothing more than an impersonal time in which all things will pass.


But as soon as this effort is precisely stated, as soon as we seek to justify it, we catch ourselves doubling and multiplying our consciousness, trans- porting it to the extreme limits of our outer experience, then, to the edge of the new field of experience that it has thus dis- closed, and so on indefinitely-they are really multiple con- sciousnesses sprung from ours, similar to ours, which we en- trust with forging a chain across the immensity of the universe and with attesting, through the identity of their inner dura- tions and the contiguity of their outer experiences, the single- ness of an impersonal time.

The idea of qualitative multiplicities is difficult to understand, although it is the heart of Bergson’s thinking. Here we should consult his early essay on bergsin. We need this simultaneity of the instant in order 1 to note the simultaneity of a phenomenon with a clock moment, 2 to point off, all along our own duration, the simultaneities of these moments with moments of our dura- tion which are created in the very act of pointing.

Yet, there is a drawback: Dimultaneity us now consider the passage of the beam 72 1 The earth’s motion may be thought of as durration rectilinear, uniform trans- lation during the course of the experiment.

Duration (philosophy) – Wikipedia

He accepts this because it does not happen. So, we turn now to memory. But the earth-dweller is not aware of this.