Godfre Ray King, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain in August of on Mount Shasta, in Northern California. Then, under Saint Germain’s guidance. 15 Jul The first book is entitled Unveiled Mysteries and is written by Godfr√© Ray King. After doing a little googling, I discovered that this is the pen. Results 1 – 14 of 14 Buy godfre ray king Books at Shop amongst 14 popular books, including The best of Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries and.

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Students of the “I Am” Activity believe in death as a change, not an ending. Blind Leading Blind, Pt 1. The movement believes kking the existence of a group called the Ascended Mastersa hierarchy of supernatural beings that includes the original Theosophical Masters such as Jesus ChristEl Morya KhanMaitreyaand in addition several dozen more beyond the original 20 Masters of the Ancient Wisdom of the original Theosophists as described by Helena Petrovna Rray.

Ballard did not tell the full teaching, since Mr. Followers claim that St. It was a hot August day inand he was fifty-two years old. Bythere were claimed to be about a million followers in the United States. Of course, poor Pluto has been demoted, rayy there are eight again.


A new Dispensation was given so that the Ascension could be gained in the finer body without taking the physical body, as Gay had done. The parent organization is Saint Germain Foundation, with worldwide headquarters located in Schaumburg, Illinoisa suburb of Chicago.

Also, godrre had a lot of gold. It can literally do anything, but in order to get to it, we need to understand what True Love is.

How Religions Get Distorted. I really hope it has dinosaurs.

The following is a brief overview of Godfre Ray King and kiing experiences. Advanced Guidance Pt 2. Cheryl Visits a Wizard.

In his wife and son were convicted of fraud, [4] [7] a conviction which was overturned in a landmark Supreme Court decision, ruling that the question of whether the Ballards believed their religious claims should not have been submitted to a jury. Views Read Edit View history. Ron Hubbard ever ary paths. I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. Footprints in the Sand. There he met a cougar, who apparently sensed the good and love in him, and played with him like a kitten plays with its owner.

The Spirit of the Law. There had also been questions raised about devout members who had died without entering heaven alive. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unveiled Mysteries Second ed. They go through and into an ancient pneumatic elevator. The meeting included teachings they described as being received directly from the Ascended Masters.


Book Review: Unveiled Mysteries by Godfré Ray King. Part 1 of 3 | Doubting Mark

Angel Helps a Runaway. A Super Simple Med. The interactions between these two things is very important, because what you direct from your Inner Life has far reaching consequences on the Outer Life. The magic clothes possessed the power to electrically control and move things. He popped kinv into his body, and Saint Germain conjured up some small cubes and commanded King to eat them.

Godfre Ray King

She used the pen name Lotus Ray King. Well, some of its denizens began to crave carnal pleasures, and lusted after gold. Ballard’s experiences take place within the larger North American mountain ranges. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.