Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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Our extensive service network ensures that we can offer expert advice as well as long term maintenance and quick repairs.

HVXs spindles with low motor power

spinele Higher machining accuracy Higher bearing stiffness, reduced thermal expansion and lower vibration excitation allow maximum machining accuracy. Does the motor basically sit in the housing spinvle the bearing sets? It is important to master operating parameters within the limits of technical possibilities in high-performance aluminum machining.

This wealth of experience, coupled with the latest production technologies, is the basis for the design, development and manufacturing of the latest generation of spindles for today’s demanding machining applications. Bearings The use of the highest-quality components is the basis for outstanding performance as well as long duration for GMN products.

High-speed spindles with an integrated motor – GMN

With the use of hybrid bearings, the shaft diameters of the all the models have been increased to give much higher stiffness as compared to the old models with steel bearings. Due to sppindle material properties, radial and axial stiffness are improved.


Cylindrical housing with flange. Cooling and lubrication units. GMN Spindle Service With more than ten GMN authorized GMN service centers throughout the world, we offer our customers over 80 years of experience in the development and production of machine spindles.

Issue complete 4.

Oder benutzen Sie unsere Sitemap zur Navigation. The nameplate contains the electrical operating data for the spindle see figure.

GMN USA / Spindle Repair Service and Spindle Sales

What tool interface do the spindles have? Our asynchronous and synchronous motors have high power densities. Can I supply several spindles with one lubrication unit?

GMN offers spindle types at various speed and performance levels. Use of hybrid bearings with ceramic balls for high stiffness:: Nearly all spindles are equipped with GMN high-precision ball bearings. Are synchronous as well as asynchronous motors used?

Vibration analysis Gmmn and metrological bearing testing Lubricant testing Computational test e. Thus one can frequently use grease lubrication instead of more expensive oil lubrication. Does GMN also make magnet bearing, air bearing or fluid bearing spindles? On request, GMN supports commissioning of spindles and spindle systems with its highly trained professionals.


We will contact you at the time that you recommend. FAQ Spindles You can find answers about the most frequently-asked questions about spindle apindle below.

UHS series High-speed grinding spindles for machining small and very small holes. Series with HSK tool interface HSP series All-round high-speed spindle with spihdle lubricated bearing for universal grinding, milling and drilling applications.

Get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here. HSX series High-speed grinding spindles for universal grinding applications. The robust design and stiffness of each spindle cover a very broad speed range. GMN spindles gmh extremely resilient and show their strengths for example in deep hole drilling, or when used in round spindlr machines.

Thank you for your message. A variety of successfully-implemented GMN special designs confirms that we can develop outstanding, high-performance products to assist our customers in extraordinary construction projects.