FR E520 3.7K PDF

FR-EK to K(C). FR-EK to K(C) ○Removal. (For the FR- EK to K, FR-ESK to K, FR-EW-. K to K). FR-E FR-EKND to KND. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. OUTLINE Economy, Trade and Industry) in September, applies to the K and less. : USED MITSUBISHI FR-EK-NA,FR-PA INVERTER, 5hp, v,BOXYB: Everything Else.

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Reinstallation When reinstalling the front cover after wiring, fix the hooks securely. For 3-speed setting, if two or three speeds are simultaneously selected, priority is given to the frequency setting of the lower signal. Page – DC injection brake Pr. Change the setting of built-in frequency setting potentiometer valid Pr. w520

When “Operation not continued for OL signal output” is selected using Pr. Reverse Rotation Prevention Selection pr.


These terminals must not be shorted. OPT error and E. Cooling Fan Operation Selection pr. Power supply harmonics are different in generation source, frequency band and transmission path from radio frequency RF noise and leakage currents.


E5520 SD is common to the contact input signals. Always read the instructions in this chapter before using the Chapter 1 equipment. Parameter Write Disable Selection pr.


Meter frequency Meter Calibration pr. PI action is the sum of P and I actions. Otherwise, you may access the exposed high-voltage terminals or the charging part of the circuitry and get an electric shock.

Corrective action Eliminate the cause of the error preceding this error indication.

FR-E520-3.7K.Mitsubishi inverter (used)

Electronic Thermal Relay Function dr. When the operation panel is used, the same value as on the PU is only displayed: I’ve had nothing but positive experience working with EU Automation.

Got it, continue to print. This may cause a gravity drop when the inverter is used in vertical lift application. For details, refer to the instruction manual of the power regeneration common converter FR-CV. The long wiring mode can be set for the V class.


User Group Ee520 pr. Fan connector 3 Remove the inverter and cooling fan. Page – Stop selection Pr. Refer to page Fr-esFr-ewFr-e To change the Pr.

Load Pattern Selection pr.

To release the inverter from the power supply when the inverter protective function is activated or the drive becomes faulty e. Page 97 – Base frequency, base frequency voltage Since their values depend on the static capacitance, carrier frequency, etc.

Page – Offline auto tuning function Pr. Indicate a control code. Output frequency range 0. Actual Operation Hour Meter Clear pr.

More Types of operation modes PU operation mode External operation mode Power factor improving reactor. Offline Auto Tuning Function pr. When there is a commercial power supply-inverter switch-over circuit as shown below, the inverter will be damaged by leakage current from the power supply due to arcs generated at the time of switch-over or chattering caused by a sequence error.


Proper peripheral devices must be selected and correct connections made to ensure proper operation. Daily inspection must be performed to prevent any fault from occurring due to adverse influence by the operating environment, such as temperature, humidity, dust, dirt and vibration, changes in the parts with time, service life, and other factors. The electronic thermal reray function 5e20 not guarantee protection of the motor from overheating.

Check for sudden load change. Ft a dedicated brake resistor only. You can make parameter setting to output the minor fault signal. Page 19 – Removal and reinstallation of the operat If the air flow is set in the wrong direction, the inverter life can be shorter. Set “98” in any of Pr. Enter the part number below and select it to add it to your enquiry.