Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) in , to increase the healthy quality standard of .. STANDAR PELAYANAN MEDIS DAN FORMULARIUM JAMKESMAS PADA. Hendrartini, () EVALUASI IMPLEMENTASI INA-CBGs KASUS Compliance with Jamkesmas formularium was %. 8/24/ AM Curriculum vitae Nama: Prof. dr. Ketua, Komite Nasional (KOMNAS) Penyusun Formularium Jamkesmas, KemKes RI 7. Ketua Tim.

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After that articles were screened by title and next 51 articles were screened by abstract. Public hospital management in Indonesia should consider the competence of their accounting and financial managers so they can manage their hospitals properly.

formularium – [XLS Document]

What is health financing for universal coverage? The data were taken retrospectively from the Jamkesmas claim files and patients’ medical record. In order to be able to survive and make some development, hospitals need to cover all costs they spend. There was tarif difference of Based on some 20113 the issues that use for this systematic review, the aim of this article is to describe the implementation of the INA CBGs system and its effect on public hospitals’ financial performance.

To serve their patients, hospitals spent money for materials, human resources and equipment. Journal of Medical Systems, jamkesmqs. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, vol. Diagnosis Related Groups DRGs are one of the most striking prospective payment systems around the world in recent years, since implementation of universal health coverage, which booming in the world, uses a system of claims based on DRG systems [ 11 ]. This approach assumes that the degree of care required case intensity is a function of the patient’s diagnosis and the payment to the provider should be based on the intensity of care [ 8 ].


According to JKN socialization handbook in the national social security system, the National Health Insurance is managed by the principle: Wahab Sjahranie has attempted to control cost and quality, but not effective in the case of diabetes with the peripheral jamkesmsa disorders Jamkesmas inpatients frmularium Furthermore, jamlesmas hospitals achieve a surplus since they receive a donation from the government for salary expenses and investment-related expenses. Other factors like supporting examination completeness of medical records can also affect the rate difference.

Search Repository Search the repository using a full range of fields. The key points of accrual accounting include the following: The study was descriptive with holistic single case study design. The method of study was qualitative study with phenomenological approach through in-depth interviews with informants.

Each public hospital management must have a strategy and innovation to improve the quality of service so jamkesas can compete with other hospitals and financial performance can be improved in this JKN era. Formulariuum this system, there is only one insurer institution, BPJS Kesehatan, a social security agency established by the government to provide health insurance for Indonesian people.

Starting with definition of the objectives of the DRG system, the most common diseases in each disease group should be first targeted so as rormularium formulate pricing standards for each disease group and increase the feasibility of implementing DRGs.

This principle ensures that even the participants settle in a new place or a new job, as long as the territory of the Republic of Indonesia will still be able to use their rights as participants JKN. This management principle underlies the whole management of funds derived from contributions of participants and the results of development.

The system change influences the hospitals’ financial performance. Public hospital as one government agency should be formularrium to provide accountable both financially and non-financially local government and the community as service users. It is expected the hospital should be able to manage costs effectively in every provision of health care to patients.

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Application remains adjusted to the economic capacity of the people and government as well as the feasibility of the implementation of the program. From the 15 selection research journals, we found that the jammesmas of the INA-CBGs system with the prospective payment system can provide a positive impact on the financial performance in public hospital, when the hospital could reduce inefficient cost of treatment.

The descriptive research study. The goal is for all Indonesia’s population is protected in the insurance system, so that they can meet jqmkesmas basic needs of public health.

The system is used to help a hospital manager controlling the physician’s behaviour. The selection process could be seen in Figure 1. Experiences in low- and middle-income countries.

As much as Social Security Agency is not allowed to make a profit. An interview guide and checklist were used as instrument for observation and interview. Indonesia has reformed its national health insurance scheme. Subjects of the study were doctors providing the service, hospital management, medical records and prescription.

Sardjito Yogyakartashows that the average value of hospital charges for treatment patients with the severity level I are much lower compared with rates of INA package CBG’s. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use and redistribution provided that the original author and source are credited.