Food Politics has ratings and 30 reviews. Joseph said: Food Politics by Robert Paarlberg is exactly what the title says. I thought I knew quite a bit. He begins with an overview of food politics, followed by the important relationship between food production and population growth. Paarlberg. By Robert Paarlberg; Abstract: One of the most persistent and startling news stories of the past year has been the global crisis in the world’s food.

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Unless you’re deeply interested in the wonkier aspects of Agriculture Policy, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The information was helpful for my paper though. Jan 13, ;aarlberg rated it liked it. Food Politics by Robert Paarlberg. Food Politics carefully examines and explains the most important issues on today’s global food landscape, including international food prices, famines, chronic hunger, the Malthusian race between food production and population growth, international food aid, “green politic farming, obesity, farm subsidies and trade, agriculture and the environment, agribusiness, supermarkets, food safety, fast food, slow food, organic food, local food, and genetically engineered food.

Books by Robert Paarlberg. It covered too much and without enough depth. Meanwhile, agricultural success in Asia has spurred income growth and dietary enrichment, but agricultural failure in Africa has left one-third of all citizens undernourished – and the international markets that link these diverse regions together are subject to sudden disruption.

Jan 09, Kathely rated it it was ok. What have food politics gotten us? Organic and Local Food Chapter Thirteen: To ask other readers questions about Food Politicsplease sign up. Only in the s, and especially after the law mandating a USDA certified “organic” label, did this somehow migrate to the environmental movement.

Nov 14, Trey Malone rated it really liked it. The second edition also polltics an expanded discussion of the links between water, climate change, and food, as well as farming and the environment. His principal research interests are international agricultural and environmental policy. Good overview; makes some controversial and interesting claims.


Wellesley’s Robert Paarlberg Tackles Global Food Politics

Additionally, Paarlberg uses simple but precise language to cover the vast array of food topics And the earth is just going to get more and more polluted going forward. As the subtitle suggests, Paarlberg covers almost every topic that one should know about food. The Green Revolution provided huge increases in production. Oct 11, Jonathan rated it did not like it. For those ready politkcs have their thinking about food politics informed and also challenged, this is the book to read.

Want to Read saving….

Food Politics by Robert Paarlberg

Nov 22, Govind rated it really liked it. I had to read this for a class in school, so I don’t really feel qualified to give this a rating. This book was too pro-industry for vood to trust it. Even poliitcs explicit text book which this is not should KNOW better.

Trivia About Food Politics. Food and the politics of food is a timely and important subject as we face increased trade, changes in our farming systems, and vocal groups from anti-GMO to others demanding their right to giant sized sodas in New York City. This item may be available elsewhere in EconPapers: What is not pure politics, is in advertising. Cohen and Krysten Connon. Potato growers fight for French Fries to be included as a healthy vegetable.

Specialists know that the scientific and economic foundations of this viewpoint are weak, he says. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I found myself tempted to skim I was really excited to read this book, and will be using info from a couple of chapters for a term paper I’m writing this semester, but I could not find myself getting interested in the topics as Paarlberg discussed them.


Furthermore, I know that international trade of food is a touchy subject between countries, small family farms are mostly a thing of the past,and feed lots are trouble in the making. Molly Tarantino mtaranti wellesley. Aside from that horrible writing strategy, the content of the book was pretty good, although I personally think it could have benefited from a more specific lens.

The politics of food is changing fast. Living in the Crosshairs David S. His answers to these and many other questions are accessible and nuanced.

Was this guy paid by the industry to write this book? Copyright Neil Weinstock Netanel.

His main attitude was “well we all know most of the world won’t go vegan, so how can we make meat safer? Although advocates of alternative farming methods are unlikely to agree with Food Politics, they should nevertheless read it.

Food Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know

Although many of his claims call into question sacrosanct principles in activist and academic circles, there are good reasons to hear Paarlberg out; he backs up his arguments with data, and writes based on decades of experience as a political scientist and policy analyst working in the field.

He nitpicked certain things with activist movements and glossed over the very real problems these movements bring forward. Heavily subsidized and underregulated commercial farmers are facing stronger push back from environmentalists and consumer activists, and food companies are under the microscope.

Even when something positive like taxing junk food is proposed it is met by resistance from food processors to the convenient store owners.