A. Multi-Product Calibrator. Service Manual. PN August Rev.5 , The Fluke Model A Multi-Product Calibrator (Figure ) is a precise. Fluke Corporation. 1. A Specifications. The following paragraphs detail specifications for the A Calibrator. changes more than 5 °C. (See “Zeroing the Calibrator” in Chapter 4 of the A Operator Manual.) Also see additional. 2 Fluke Corporation A/A Multi-Product Calibrators Extended Specifications. Warmup Time. Twice the time since last warmed up, to a maximum of

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A Service Manual

Adjust R16 so that the wave crosses the horizontal center line one division before the vertical center. If this warning occurs recheck the setup and carefully re-enter the reading insuring proper multiplier i.

This test exposes failures at full scale positive. Enable the SC30 0 and wait at least 5 minutes.

Fluke 5500A Calibrator – No Options

Lrequency Accuracy Test Eollow these steps to calibrate DC Fluke 5500a calibrator manual Adjusting the Leveied Sine Wave Function There are two adjustment procedures that need to be made for the leveled sine wave function. Adjust the amplitude using the Calibrator Mainframe front panel knob until the power sensor reading matches the 10 MHz reference within 0.


Refer to Eigure The maximum frequency of the dual output is 10 kHz. To access calibration steps described in paragraphs throughsimply send the command: SC Calibration and Verification Equipment Tunnel Diode Pulser amplitude Procedure provided In this manual. How the Calibration Procedure Works Using the procedures, packaging, and bench techniques that are recommended.

Fluke 5500a calibrator manual the rise time measurement in column A of Fluke 5500a calibrator manual This cable eliminates the need for a four-wire connection.

R on the Calibrator Mainframe to activate the output. Push the operate key, and use the HP 8 Fluke 5500a calibrator manual to measure the topline and baseline. Wave Generator Specifications Thermocouple Sourcing Accuracy The Thermocouple Sourcing Accuracy test checks the accuracy of the thermocouple measuring circuitry.

DC Current Specifications Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy The Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy test checks the internal temperature reference.

Introduction This chapter contains an illustrated list of replaceable parts for the A Multi-Product Calibrator to the module level only. Eor resistance synthesis, there is a fluke 5500a calibrator manual compensation circuit, an input amplifier, two DACs coarse and fine with offset adjust, and an output LO buffer.


Another suspect is U48, both on the A6 assembly. Compare result to the tolerance column. Equipment Setup This procedure uses the spectrum analyzer.

Connections for Caiibrating TC Measure 1. Error Message Format 5- 1.

Full text of “FLUKE A Service”

The A sources specific output values and you measure the outputs using traceable measuring instruments of higher accuracy. Enter the next frequency listed in Table Fluke 5500a calibrator manual to Eigure for setup connections 5500s connect the Calibrator Mainframe to the Spectrum Analyzer. Refer to Eigure for the proper connections. Remove the copper short as instructed on the A front panel. Set the communications parameters to match that of the A.

The 1 ps to 2 ns markers are generated from the leveled sine wave generator on the A50 board.