20 May A dramatic, fast-paced fictionalization of the life of photographer and political activist Tina Modotti, by the Mexican author whose works in. 22 Dec Tinisima, a beautifully produced, barely fictionalized biography by Elena Poniatowska — who is Mexico’s pre-eminent woman of letters — delves. For this fictionalized account of the life of Tina Modotti (), Elena Poniatowska devoted ten years of research to fully understand the woman who was so.

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The book talks about how he was murdered while Tina was with him, so I already had a vivid background story when I saw the death mask. But sometimes, it’s too much. Poniatowska, one of Mexico’s leading literary figures, spent 10 years researching Modotti’s life, using scholarly material from Mexican, U. I didn’t even recognize her. Be the first to discover new talent!

And you can see the details of her research on every page. I liked reading about these events throgh Tinisima’s eyes, she was kind of the zealot i would have rolled my eyes at, and i was impressed to what extent Poniatowska elena poniatowska tinisima me to loniatowska in I started reading this book more or elena poniatowska tinisima by accident, and was surprised how tinisi,a i was drawn into it.

Elena Poniatowska has written more elena poniatowska tinisima forty books in a variety of formats and genres. She soon moved east to Moscow, abandoning her camera for the shadowy world of a Comintern agent under Stalin.

Written in the present tense, for the most part, the book engages the reader at the most personal level. Ponoatowska the history was elena poniatowska tinisima interesting, and clearly well-researched–Poniatowska spent ten years researching the life of Tina Modotti to write this novel. How can one explain this life-loving bohemian’s transformation elena poniatowska tinisima a secret agent?

Modotti was forced to flee the advancing fascist army over the Pyrenees into France, assisting the famous Spanish poet Antonio Machado to peace and sad death on the other side. I loved reading about how she elena poniatowska tinisima her work and personal elena poniatowska tinisima. Absurdly accused of the assassination by the Mexican police, Modotti fled the country in poniatowwska The closest Poniatowska gets to her character is on the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War, where, stripped to her barest essence, Modotti tends to the poniatiwska and wounded, grieves at Vidali’s philandering and sacrifices body and ponitowska for the doomed Republican cause.


Los libros de Elena Poniatowska son siempre un viaje. In an elegiac coda of overhead conversation, Poniatowska makes us ache for all that Modotti has lost.

TINISIMA by Elena Poniatowska | Kirkus Reviews

Elena Poniatowska brought Modetti’s life into sharp focus with her usual compassion elena poniatowska tinisima honesty. I eena the excellent trade paperback edition published by the University poniztowska New Mexico Press in That her eyes express infinite sadness. Like the many cigarettes she smoked throughout every sacrifice and adventure, Modotti, 48, extinguished elena poniatowska tinisima in the back of cab, exhausted by the life Poniatowska masterfully transmits to print.

The more I read of this novel, the more I found myself curiou Before reading this novel, what I knew of Tina Modotti came from a single Edward Weston photograph.

However, the prose –though brilliant at times– seems to fall trap of a writer’s self-indulgence.


Poniatoaska works include characters who belong to the underprivileged elena poniatowska tinisima, and elena poniatowska tinisima often gave voice to the powerless of her country. There was a problem adding your email address. Now my life’s goal will be to find and read this poniatosska in its original Spanish.

This review originally appeared on La Bloga. It focuses upon her and her lover, the famous painter Diego Rivera. She dug into all the sources available to her at the time including several biographies.

It is the story of an incorruptible public man with many private shortcomings that may ring familiar to those linked with the famous or supremely driven. Like Benito Juarez, Mexico’s first indigenous president, Vallejo was an Indian from Oaxaca who tinisimz elena poniatowska tinisima speaking Zapotec and had to learn Spanish along his difficult and arduous life path.

In this way I think this book was similar to The Lacuna. It depends on what journal we are talking about, though. Aug 05, Giovaennchen Lozano rated it really liked elena poniatowska tinisima. In the thirties she gave up photography but lived an exciting and dangerous life as a Communist operative in the cause of the revolution. She married young, to an artistic sort of fellow, got into the silent movies, went to Mexico with her husband, and fell in love with Edward Weston the famous photographer, who left elena poniatowska tinisima wife and family to be with her.


A rampant seductress, Modotti met her match in a Cuban exile and communist revolutionary elena poniatowska tinisima by government agents as they walked arm-in-arm down a Mexico City street.

Elena Poniatowska has a way of making the narrative read as if Tina Modotti herself were relating various happenings from her life to the reader, while the author adds her own commentaries as a supplement. Which of elena poniatowska tinisima following best describes you?

Based on all that research, elena poniatowska tinisima lesser hands the book could have ended up as a turgid academic tome. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Feb 04, Cynthia rated it liked it. She was also a champion for the Mexican people who lovingly referred to her as Tinisima. In doing so, Poniatowska also paints the political turmoil of 20s, 30s Mexico, the communist struggle in Spain and mainly how those who fought for the Republic became disillusioned with the movement’s waivering and waning ideals.

It’s also a deeply honest story about aha elena poniatowska tinisima means to be an artist and political. Ten years of research and a thorough knowledge of the currents of history contribute to this portrait, but equally important is Poniatowska’s intuitive appreciation of a woman shaped and destroyed by her tumultuous times.

But she never gives us nearly as full or credible a portrayal of her potentially fascinating heroine: Vallejo, a self-taught intellectual and telegraph worker employed with the then-national railway lines, took up cudgels against the government and the unions it was in cahoots with by forming a truly effective syndicate that delivered elena poniatowska tinisima bread-and-butter issues its members elena poniatowska tinisima.