“Coupland writes a sparkling sentence and a mean epigram.”—Entertainment Weekly “Coupland has crafted a formidable pop style that hooks up dead-on. Liz Dunn is fat, lonely and has no friends. That sounds harsh, but Coupland faces unpleasant facts head on in this poignant, funny, intrepidly offbeat new novel. Emily Nussbaum reviews book Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland; drawing (M ).

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She’s listed as the next-of-kin contact on someone she’s never heard of. Did that make sense? The book is a little disjointed and it takes some really odd turns like eleaanor she takes her lucky meteor with her to Germa Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland is the story of a copuland woman – as she reminds us about 16 times per page – who is home for a week recuperating from having her wisdom teeth removed, eleqnor she gets a call from the hospital.

Refresh and try again. The first of his I read was Jpod and I still enjoy that. Alone in your condo, your chances are zip. That is to say, his books often seem to make more sense when viewed slightly from a distance, as a whole and complete entity, rather than viewing them up close and in a sustained, linear fashion.

So much weirdness that didn’t seem to serve any purpose.

“Eleanor Rigby” by Douglas Coupland () | Fell From Fiction

The inspiration for Eleanor Rigby was loneliness. As a 19 year old I loved that intellectual dleanor his novels seemed to hold, but now I can’t see it any more. There was a problem adding your email address. I love this kind of writing-writing the same way someone speaks. Couppland changed nothing, and yet it changed everything.


Oct 10, Barbara Carter rated it liked it. And at some point this story made my eyes wet. Coupland is renowned not only as a writer but as a visual artist as well, and I think this influences his writing to a great extent.

The novel is written as a first-person narrative by the main character, Liz Dunn. Want to Read saving….

Bookslut | Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland

Negative emotions, or inevitable emotions, never get discussed. While I admire couppand the book doesn’t soft peddle this, and Coupland is an author who’s eleznor I have enjoyed from Microserfs does try to give us a realistic portrait here, it still gives us an artificial contrived “happy ending” that I did feel takes away from the book getting there. I laughed out loud once or twice. Loneliness is something no one wants to admit to and it’s scary and sad to think of a person’s life slipping away year after year with nothing to look forward to and no one to share happiness with.

The first of his novels whose titles are also pop songs, Girlfriend in a Comawas an end-of-the-world vision; its heroine Karen fell into a teenage coma in the late 70s after seeing visions of a future where the cars were different, sex could kill you and ” ‘meaning’ had vanished It is written in a light, often comic, tone, but resonates on many deeper issues, including lonelinessfamilyreligious visions and multiple sclerosis.

He knew, and I knew. I found this book to be less than memorable. His references to things, places and events work together to create an incredibly strong sense of time and place. Paperbackpages. Funny realism with a tiny smattering of bizarre bits thrown in there.


You are commenting using your WordPress. I recognized myself in them. Liz rigny a meteorite that she takes to be a very precious object.

These problems engulf her much as Eleanor Rigby’s problems did her. The alternative is not having anything to show for your life in the end. All the little observational notes resonate, just as you’d expect from Coupland, but there are no great gems worthy of hanging up on the wall, as in his other work. Feb 12, Neja rated it it was amazing Shelves: Even though the content was serious, it just felt silly.

I guess this isn’t so much a review of Eleanor Rigby, as it is a review of anything I’ve read by him. Now, he has multiple sclerosis and is suffering from hallucinations brought on by drugs. This story never really has any satisfying moments to it.

I loved this book. On this trip, while drunk, she loses her virginity in Italy to a man she cannot remember. I picked this book up used, it’s dust jacket missing.


Never rkgby sure where it was going. View all 3 comments. I’ve read three so far and I just have a feeling, that all his books are so out of the ordinary.