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1 Jan Buy DIN EN STEEL STATIC STORAGE SYSTEMS – APPLICATION AND MAINTENANCE OF STORAGE EQUIPMENT from SAI. Inspection, maintenance and repair of rack systems to DIN EN , the DGUV rule and 1 Aug Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment; German version EN

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Use our contact form to request a quotation…… Quotation request for racking inspection. Racks and shelves are work equipment. Operators must be trained to report all damage. Damaged crossbars must also always be replaced.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN – SSI SCHAEFER

Our in-house, certified racking inspectors have the necessary expertise to conduct qualified expert inspections. This classification level refers to damages that significantly affect the ddin capacities of the components.

Green level Requiring surveillance only. If damages are detected at an early stage, many di accidents can be avoided and repair costs can usually be kept low.

Rack Inspection

Red risk Very serious damage requiring immediate action. APAC regional office addresses Site addresses worldwide. Rin 6-point service Cost-effective Waste Manage SichV Our well trained and highly professional staff looks back on years of experience in the field of warehousing technology. The practice-oriented course is given by a competent team of trainers. Certified racking and shelving inspectors.

Visual inspection to ensure that the BGR safety guidelines are met Visual inspection of racking systems for any identifiable deformation, damage or missing components Comparison of load data plates with the actual layout Making out an inspection report and awarding the inspection badge Organizing replacements for damaged components.

Original parts must be used to avoid risks during repairs of racks and shelves and protect those carrying out the repairs. Our certified rack system inspectors are available and happy to help with these legally required expert inspections. cin


Inspection process The storage 15653 inspection does not require an interruption of your operations and include the following services: Certified racking and shelving inspectors have the necessary specialist knowledge. I – Heavy Duty Long-Span The BetrSichV applies to the provision of shelves by the employer as well as to the use of shelves by the employees.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN 15635

Self-supporting mezzanines Racking-supported mezzanine Damaged components should not be repaired but completely replaced. The components must be identified accordingly and checked during the following inspection. ELVEDI has racking and shelving inspectors certified by the Association of Storage and Associated Equipment Manufacturers who can annually control the safety of your racking and shelving systems.

How idn repairs carried out.

Modular shelving systems All Pallet dkn Cantilever racking systems Multitier systems. If that is the case, measures must be taken to remedy them. Channel Storage Racking Sys According to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Berlin, racks and shelves are work equipment and are therefore subject to the Ordinance on industrial safety and health BetrSichV. The inspection is carried out systematically on the basis of a standardised inspection protocol.

A qualified inspection requires a high level of expertise. Plastic and Steel Transport Damaged rack columns must be replaced. Paragraph 10 of the Dn requires regular inspections of storage equipment. Continuous training of the operator and proper handling of the storage system help prevent damages and avoid repair costs.

Containers in custom sizes Special steel plate solutio The inspection is carried out during ongoing operation. The storage system inspection does not require an interruption of your operations and include the following services: The employer is obliged to systematically and regularly inspect all warehouse equipment — i.


With our racking inspection service, you will not only meet the legal requirements — attested by an official test badge and inspection report — but will also be able to identify possible accident hazards in good time, thus effectively preventing personal injuries and damage to property! Responsibility lies with the employer. If a damaged component has been relieved, repairs must only be carried out before it is loaded again. If the manufacturer does not stipulate more stringent inspections on the basis of the rack design or the operating conditions, the provisions of the DIN EN standard must be observed: Visual inspection of the BGR of the commercial trade associations.

The results are logged accordingly and the warehouse is assigned an inspection plaque. DIN EN 15 differentiates between weekly inspections and expert inspections which must be carried out every 12 months by trained inspectors.

All employees have been trained according to the new guidelines. Racking systems subject to inspection are: An inspection of racks and shelves must be carried out at least every 12 months by a competent person.

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Already sincethe regulation of the employers’ liability insurance association stipulates the following obligation: We provide 155635 with a single contact person competent in all issues regarding your warehousing facilities without reference to the brand or manufacturer.

The results of the inspection are then logged. Were damages found on your racking and shelving systems?