The elves of Athas are forged in the endless desert-burned dark by the sun, toughened by the swirling sands, and given strength and swiftness. Athas’s elves stand tall and lean, with long limbs and fearsome faces. The elves of Athas are forged in the endless desert-burned dark by the sun, toughened. Sun-baked, wind-carved features dominate the chiseled elven faces. elements of the deserts, elves are forced to clad themselves in dark.

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In 4th Edition, clerics and other divine classes are not available.

Elf (Athas)

But these abilities do not work in reverse. Opportunistic, mistrustful, cunning, and absolutely deceitful, elves are more often cast as the downtrodden villain than they are anything else.

In fo editions, templarscasters who directly serve and derive their powers from the sorceror kings, were treated as a specialized form of cleric. Elves are also exceptionally fleet of foot.

Dark Sun Half Elf | D&D / RPGs in | Pinterest | Dark, Sun and Fantasy characters

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Other arcane spell casters such as sorcerersdarl warlocksor were not included until the Paizo later version of the setting in This speed, referred to as the elf run, also appears in the elvez sprints of combat. Elven literature is rich and varied, and their songs and poems are famous among other races. Elven Psionics Elves gain the following psionic power: Athasian elves get their Armor Class from their shaped leather armor and their high Dexterity.

Freedom and DSQ1: Here he mastered this new force and developed two distinct ways; one that preserved nature, known as preserving, and one that exploited it, known as defiling.


Elven traders claim no lands, but wander in search of bargains and loose purses. They are swift, sure, and extremely self-reliant.

To survive the harsh elements of the deserts, elves are forced to clad themselves in dark, protective clothing. List of Dark Sun novels.

Suun is an old elven legend that tells of a warrior who was able to strike his much stronger opponent three times elvess the other was even aware of his presence. Retrieved from ” http: Come darj with them-if you dare! Called half-elves, they are a cross between both parents in build, but can usually pass for members of either race should the need arise. Archived from the original on June 5, Retrieved August 29, Following prophesied signs, Dregoth takes to the surface and makes his bid for true divinity.

Weapon Familiarity Elven blades are considered martial weapons, and elves are proficient with all bows. They are thieves and raiders, swift warriors and terrible foes.

Big Ball of No Fun: Dark Sun: Elves of Athas

Retrieved June 6, The guide outlined some of the important events that had taken place since then, and largely focused on the city-states and the fate of the remaining sorcerer-kings. Elves treat the naming of young runners as a sacred responsibility, naming the children of the tribe after the first interesting thing that they do while learning to run.

They have access to many of the same rogue skills as thieves, but to a lesser extent. Mask of the Wastelands.

Archived from the original on April 14, Dark Sun Campaign Setting. When a hunt goes well, a tribe showers the hunt master with praise. For players, dari are new rules for character creation and new Athasian elf kits-offered to Dark Sun game characters for the first time.


Dark Sun’s extensive metaplot spans several fictional ages eves its past and is described by a fictional narrator called the Wanderer who presents an in-game account of Athas’s history in their Eark Journal. The brutal climate and the oppressive rule of the sorcerer-kings have created a corrupt, bloodthirsty, and desperate culture that leaves little room for chivalric virtues common to fantasy settings hence why paladins are excluded.

The larger fighter was felled before he could successfully land a blow. Psionic power are a cornerstone of the setting, with nearly every living thing having some psionic abilities. Given the prevalence of psionics the people of Athas have developed laws to govern their use.

I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. They were nature-masters and life-shapers, able to produce anything they needed by manipulating the principles of nature itself.

If an elf takes levels in a psionic class, he may replace Wild Talent with Psionic Talent instead. The experiment failed, however, and the sea became choked with a toxic brown tide that spread across the waters, killing everything it touched. You have advantage on Atjas Stealth checks when in the wilderness or wastes of Athas.