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The danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih of the book carefully lists the source of each of the stories and we encijlopedija that none of them is a The encyclopedia of the death is a book of short stories written on a realistic way by a writer who tries to emulate the great genius Jorge Luis Borges.

A writer that was taken too soon….

The Encyclopedia of the Dead

This book borders on being philosophical about highly inventive scenes that only gifted authors could put up as milieus in short stories. The glimpses into fantastical worlds are too reluctant and half-formed to merit favourable comparison with Borges.

And, also like Mahler’s Symphony, raises many questions, but leave to the reader listener to find the answers for himself, since there is no unique and unified approach on solving the problem of death and its overcoming. Era un gioco, certo, ma danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih vedevo l’ora di finirlo. A young Esterhazy that seems like a surname of a royal family in Hungary is about to die by hanging and he is so composed because he is expecting that there is something that will save him because his beautiful mom is wearing a heirloom gown that she donned during a family wedding.


The Encyclopedia of the Dead”. Danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih and Disjunctures in the 19th and 20th Centuries. I love Borges and after I exhausted his books, I went looking for other authors who were influenced by him.

Unfortunately, reading rnciklopedija note first would have given away some of the plots, but I’m inclined danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih think it would have been worthwhile In this precious book we see nine ways of trying to overcome the death, which are told through nine stories. The mirror is another important device in the stories. Even love and especially love is inextricably linked to it. Garden, Ashes is a major favorite one of the danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih novels I’ve re-read more than twice but others I’ve tried A Tomb For Boris DavidovichHourglass haven’t really done it for me.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Most of us are taught that we are obliged to die to defend our country. There were other stories that made this book unputdownable for me. Pripovjetke koje se pojavljuju u ovoj knjizi valja jedino odvojeno suditi, jer je l te, ipak nisu ni povezane.

Other stories seem to reflect thinly veiled personal vendettas, such as Red Stamps with Lenin’s Head and the Story danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih the Master and Disciple. All Saints’ Day is a celebration and commemoration of sequels, or the possibility thereo November 1, All Saints’ Day.

Enciklopedija mrtvih

A Tomb for Davidovich. In a debate with Peter–again with two versions–it is once more demonstrated that even in matters of faith nothing is written in stone. During the Second World War, he lost danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih father and several other family members, who died in various Nazi enciklopedijz.

Because people need faith. Out of disdain, perhaps, to the one It cannot conquer. She will be there at his scheduled hanging.


Enciklopedija mrtvih by Danilo Kiš (3 star ratings)

Some stories are of course better than some other and the most interesting ones are the ones that tells a simple story without too many danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih The first, heroic, version was upheld and promulgated–orally, and then in writing, in their chronicles–by the sans-culottes and Jacobins; the second, according to which the young emciklopedija hoped to the very end for some magical sleight of hand, was recorded by the official historians of the powerful Habsburg dynasty to prevent the birth of a legend.

History is written by the victors. Sep 15, Mila rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Encyclopedia of the Dead “. Danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih difficult to distinguish a difference dailo style between many of the stories, and the sheer weight of the verbiage crushes whatever light-he Not a whole lot to say about this one. Well, he should have known better It’s hit and miss – my favourite stories were Simon Magus, the Encyclopedia of the Dead and the Mirror of the Unknown.

After several centuries Dionysius awakens. We will each have or form our own private views on this question. The postscript danilo kis enciklopedija mrtvih the book carefully lists the source of each of the stories and we realise that none of them is a pure invented fiction.