Asma infantil es un estrechamiento de las vías respiratorias que provoca dificultad para respirar. Lea acerca de las causas, síntomas y tratamiento del asma. ¿Están verdaderamente basadas en la evidencia las guías sobre el asma? deflazacor frente a prednisolona en el tratamiento de la crisis asmática moderada. Grupo Español de Estudio Europeo del Asma. Identificación y tratamiento de individuos con criterios epidemiologicos de asma en adultos jóvenes de cinco.

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En editoriales de yla Dra. Possible clinical significance of serum soluble interleukin- 2 receptor level in primary bone lymphoma: The OR showed a clear association between the risk factors studied and the lower skin graft success, being stronger for DM type 2. Medicina B Aires ; Exhaled nitric oxide levels correlate with measures of disease control in asthma. Elsevier About ScienceDirect Remote access Shopping cart Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy policy We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

Ann Intern Med,pp. Wheat J, Kauffman C. Sublingual immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis: Son bienvenidos los comentarios a revmedbuenosaires gmail. Development and validation of a questionnaire to assess asthma control in pediatrics.

Moderate dose inhaled corticosteroids plus salmeterol versus higher doses of inhaled corticosteroids in symptomatic asthma. Continuous versus intermittent beta-agonists for acute asthma.


Crisis asmáticas

Combination therapy with a long-acting b-agonist and a leukotriene antagonist in moderate asthma. Development of a contemporary bleeding risk model for elderly warfarin recipients. A single measure of FEV1 is associated with risk of asthma attacks in long-term followup.

Is allergen immunotherapy effective in asthma? Risk for high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia associated with variants of human papillomavirus types 16 and Respiratory symptoms,sensitization, and exposure response relationships in spray painters exposed to isocyanates. Asthma exacerbations and sputum eosinophil counts: Allergy, 62pp. Revist Argent Quemad ; We were unable to evaluate the impact of tobacco or the use of oral contraceptives because only a small proportion of women referred to a smoking habit 3.

The outcome of occupational asthma after cessation of exposure: Frequency and clinical characteristics of rapid-onset fatal and near-fatal asthma. Este tratamiento puede salvarle la vida.

Magnesium sulfate for treating exacerbations of acute asthma in the emergency department. Los cuestionarios fueron controlados, modificados y validados en un estudio piloto en tres hospitales 6.

Christiane Dosne Pasqualini chdosne hotmail. Intranasal corticosteroids for asthma control in people with coexisting asthma and rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma update: Behavioural effect of self-treatment guidelines in a self-management program for adults with asthma. This particular situation explains the tratamienro of large disparities in both socio-economic development criisis cultural characteristics, including sexual behaviour among communities from different regions of the country.

Coexistence of asthma and allergic rhinitis in adult patients attending clinics: Childhood asthma and obesity. Effect of omalizumab on the need for rescue systemic corticosteroid treatment in patients with moderate-to-severe persistent IgE-mediated allergic asthma: Lancet Neurol ; 7: Addition of inhaled longacting beta2-agonists to inhaled steroids as first line therapy for persistent asthma in steroid-naive adults.


This study provided information regarding the epidemiological feature of MS in Argentina. Validation of the pulmonary score.

Percutaneous closure by endovascular surgery is a valid therapeutic alternative in patients at high risk for re-operation. Alergia alimentaria El asma y la alergia alimentaria son enfermedades que pueden coexistir.

Crisis asmáticas

Este paradigma nos permite guiarnos por evidencias de nivel I como gold standard. Am J respir Crit Care Med,pp. Clinical ergotism induced by ritonavir.

Human papillomavirus cervical infection in Guarani Indians from cridis rainforest of Misiones, Argentina. Anticancer Res ; Peak flow variation in childhood asthma: Relation between pulse oximetry and clinical score in children with acute wheezing less than 24 months of age. Acta Neurol Scand Suppl ; Bleeding is the main complication of oral anticoagulants, anti-vitamin K or new drugs such as anti-factor Xa or anti-thrombin agents.

Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol, 7pp. Allergens, viruses and asthma exacerbations.