Chrononauts Official Rules. Table of Contents. Executive Summary Getting Started Immediately: Starting Playing Winning; Detailed Overview Three Ways to . In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards. Chrononauts» Forums» Rules. Subject: Memo card question · rss · New Thread · Printer Friendly; Subscribe sub options; Bookmark; Thread.

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And most of these stories are sketchy or incomplete, with you, the players, providing the endings and filling in the gaps. Artifacts you have on the table do not count either. Whatever the differences were, you grew up in chrnoonauts alternate reality, and your first goal is to return to that reality.

This means they won’t necessarily fit, and may be nullified without the accompanying closure of the Paradox.

In this third case, Fate or the Time Police will always prevent you from stopping the Kennedy assassination, but still allow you to alter the destiny of someone unimportant. This game is one big adventure made up of several different stories that are all going on at the same time. The question of how things would be different if we really had Time Travel is as old as the notion of Time Travel itself. The Card Game “. Therefore, when playing a Patch, be careful to double-check the icons under “Playable If”, to make sure the Patch won’t immediately be Nullified.

The game’s second edition was published in Choose one of your five cards and play it just as you would in the full game, except without drawing an extra card after playing a Patch. The reviews of Chrononauts leans towards the positive. You can win by fixing enough Paradoxes, gathering up the three rare and amazing Artifacts listed on your Mission card, or adjusting history in the three ways necessary to allow your character to return to the alternate reality from which he or she originally came.


Someday, when I have more time, I’ll put up a web page that fills in some of these gaps and explains more fully my logic behind the details of the TimeLine. The year printed in black on your ID card is blue side up on the TimeLine, while the other two years in red on your ID are flipped to the Paradox side and Patched In other words, the three headlines printed on your ID must be readable on the TimeLine at the end of your turn.

Retrieved June 24, Remember, you only get one pass through the deck, so plan each move carefully! OK, everybody, close your eyes, quick!


As you play, you gradually piece together the various little stories that are scattered throughout this game. Then deal out eight random ID cards, and arrange them face-up underneath the TimeLine.

It’s special for three reasons. There are three Mona Lisas in the game, the Real Thing and two forgeries of differing quality.

If rulfs draw pile runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and keep going. The TimeLine of Alterable History is a special set of 32 cards that are rukes onto the table in a 4×8 grid that functions rather like a gameboard.

The literature tells us there are three possibilities for how the mechanics of Time Travel might actually work:. Ripplepoints blue, and Linchpins purple. Back to the Future: It’ll make the game more interesting and more fun for everyone. Those of you with real time machines are encouraged to skip ahead a few years and find out what other editions of this game Looney Labs will eventually create.


Secondly, can be repaired with three different patches for all other years, there’s just one patch that will fit. Similarly, cbrononauts any Paradoxes that are no longer paradoxical, first discarding any Patches that have been Nullified. Player can use a Patch to resolve the paradox. When you play an Inverter, just discard it, flip the target Linchpin, and adjust all affected Ripplepoints as described above.

Next, look at Otherwise, play fhrononauts of the following five types of cards, as follows:. In Chrononauts, you are a Time Traveler, with a unique identity, several different goals, and a yearning to return home.

Chrononauts – Wikipedia

Chrononauts is played with a specially designed set of [2] or cards. The three Artifacts listed on your Mission card must be on the table in front of you at the end of your turn for you to win by completing your Mission. You might find it useful to place a token a penny, go stone, small icehouse piece, etc. None of these cards may be harvested with the Rewind or the Quick Trip.

With the exception of the all-purpose Reverse Fate card, Inverters can only change specific Linchpins, from one direction to the other, as listed on the card. You win if you have the three Artifacts listed on your Mission on the table in front when your turn ends. Three Missions revolve around these paintings: Time Travel is tricky business; when someone changes history, there are almost always ripples and repercussions somewhere down the TimeLine, which tear holes in the fabric of the Time-Space Continuum.