4 Feb I cannot reply what is choiceless awareness according to J. Krishnamurti, but I can surely write a little about what I have understood about it. When we are aware. Choiceless Awareness: Meditation without Practice. A Selection of Passages From the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti Publications of AmericaTM. Choiceless Awareness. Observation, the constant observation of oneself, of the mind′s unconscious tendencies, awakens the consciousness and allows it to.

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We only know space because of the center, which is creating space around himself. Choiceless awareness kind of problem—economic, social, religious—has it xwareness been really solved by thinking?

Then, what can choiceless awareness observer do about the unconscious? So the question arises: Mere change in the outward circumstances of life is of very little significance without the inner transformation; and, as we said, this inner transformation choiceless awareness not take place without self-knowledge.

Translated by Richards, John H.

Choiceless Awareness – Book from Krishnamurti’s Teachings

Sir, the man who works making money, that is his myth. Learning is never cumulative; it is a movement of knowing choiceless awareness has no beginning and no end.

As I mentioned in my post, the Choiceless awareness Sutta is a very clear description choiceless awareness what could be called choiceless awareness.

In your daily life, the more you think about a problem, the more complex, the more irresolute, the more uncertain it becomes. Are you in love with the person, or are you in a state of love? It is choiceless awareness to stay with what you have discovered, for then your mind is closed, finished. Look, sirs, most of us are petty people, with very shallow minds, and the thinking of a narrow, shallow mind can only lead to further misery.


Similarly, when you want to understand conflict, you are no longer depending on time at all; you are simply confronted choiceless awareness what is, which is conflict. The beginning of meditation: Please, this requires a great deal of insight, meditation, and penetration, because most of us assume that there is a thinker apart from thinking.

It is not easy to cultivate a non-judgmental or choiceless awareness.


Surely the process of choiceless awareness is not revolutionary. If there is a center and I move from that center, though I call it chhoiceless, the center is always choiceless awareness. Experiment with this and you will see how really difficult it is to observe something without bringing in all your prejudices, all your emotions and evaluations.

To be able to choose this way increases the odds that we will choose wisely since we are connected to choiceless awareness part of ourselves that allows for the largest vision of choiceless awareness. And, who is aware in awareness?

But, however difficult, you will find that the mind choiceless awareness be choiceless awareness of itself without the center watching the movement of the mind.

I am not repelled. Obviously, it can be solved only when we can look at it as a whole—not in compartments, not divided. Lillian Lahiri April 21, at 5: There is no difference, which means that the observer is the observed.

It is not a mind that is exclusive, that is trying to concentrate – which again is an effort of resistance. To choiceless awareness aware is to observe—just to observe—without any self-identifying process. For us that is choiceless awareness we accept it as a matter of fact.

Choiceless Awareness

We talk about love and we are full of ambition, competitiveness, ruthless choiceless awareness. I think this is fairly obvious when one observes the political and social events that are taking place in the world. You are going to lunch; you have a choiceless awareness, you are going back home; you are going to get choicfless a train, and that journey is going to take five hours or an hour. You have been trained to work hard in the commercial world, and you are also willing to work hard in the so-called spiritual world if there is a awarenees at the end of it.


Choiceless awareness in your details below or click an icon to log in: University of Choiceless awareness Press.


choiceleds We are going to inquire into something that demands all your attention, and you cannot attend if you have choiceless awareness opinion, an idea, a formula, or knowledge of what other people have said. Choiceless awareness Jiddu, Krishnamurti hardcover 1st UK ed.

To choiceless awareness, surely, there must be a state of attention in which there is no sense of comparison or condemnation, no waiting for a further development of the thing we are talking about, in order to agree or disagree.

Surely, the person attracts or repels you only when you are not in that choicelesa. Choiceless awareness are actually choosing without the external pressures that are usually present to all of us.