Domain for sale. Call +1 or click here to make an offer. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. The Sponsored Listings displayed. Vargsmål has ratings and 3 reviews. Albeit written in and published not until , hence quite outdated nowadays, this book still remains an al. Varg Vikernes is a Norwegian musician, writer, and blogger. In , he founded the one-man music project Burzum, which is considered . Echoing this sentiment, he writes in Vargsmål: “For each devastated graveyard, one heathen grave is.

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English Choose a language for shopping. Inhe founded the one-man music project Burzumwhich is considered one of the most influential black metal acts. During his time in prison, Vikernes recorded two albums made up wholly of ambient and neofolk music.

Varg Vikernes

All my correspondence was stopped, I was allowed to talk on the phone for only 10 minutes a week and receive one one hour visit every week, so writing a book was basically my only way to disclose the vargzmal of the media and talk back. TV 2 Nyhetene in Norwegian. Religious studies scholar Egil Asprem characterised Vikernes as “an idol for skinheads with an inclination towards Paganism and for contemporary Pagans with burzu, inclination towards National Socialism”, [97] while Jewish author Jeffrey Kaplan described Vikernes as “busy promoting his Odinist and National Socialist philosophy from behind bars”.


In stock on January 7, They claimed to be devil worshippers and said: It offered some theories on the origin of different customs and beliefs, and contained several short stories about the prehistoric era. She confessed, but claimed she did not know they were “right-wing extremists” and said her son was being attacked by fellow inmates.

In this country prisoners get a bed, vargskal and shower. When he was asked about his involvement in the AHF in a interview, Vikernes varysmal that it was Antifa groups who “repeatedly wrote” that the NHF was a neo-Nazi group and that he was their leader, claims which he describes as “persecution”.

Varg Vikernes “Vargsmål”

In Mayhe was found guilty of murder and the earlier church arsons, and sentenced to 21 years in prison. He released a further three black metal albums: He also avoids the unnecessary use of pharmaceutical drugs.

In —, he wrote Teorier “Theories”. Then you were best friends.

It has been speculated [ by whom? I asked the police to throw me in a real dungeon, and also encouraged them to use violence”. When Vikernes was convicted, it was possible to be released on parole after serving 12 years of a year sentence, but inbefore he became eligible, the Norwegian Parliament had extended this to 14 years.

It’s not hell at all. However, he decided to scrap this book. About 19 hours later, police stopped the car in Romerike and arrested him.


In JuneVikernes made comments that “[he had] moved on [from Burzum]” on his YouTube channel, saying burzhm bye” to the project. It has been easier when it comes to the English translations though, and I say translations rather than translation, because I know of at least two English translations.


Through his self-published writings and videos, he promotes an ideology he calls “Odalism” based on a Blood and Soil —derived form of nationalism and the re-adoption of native European values and belief systems, such as elements of traditional paganism. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat During the trial the media made Vikernes “the nation’s first real bogeyman in fifty years”.

Retrieved 15 July Drek Chod rated it really liked it Jan 26, Retrieved 4 April Hurzum a problem loading this menu right now. However, the only other book I have had published this far is “Germansk Mytologi Og Verdensanskuelse” Teutonic Mythology And Worldviewwritten in in Norwegian, so it has not been read by that many people. A native of Bergen vatgsmal, Vikernes spent part of his childhood in Iraq. Retrieved 19 July