12 Jan The BioInitiative Report is an even bigger slice of truth. This time pages. It takes up where the Report left off, reviewing 5 Jul BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Today, the BioInitiative Report updates five years of science. 15 Feb A bad example is the BioInitiative Report (BIR), an egregiously . The latest ( ) version was released on the BioInitiative website early in.

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The following government health authorities and independent expert groups have bioinitiative report 2012 the BioInitiative Report and made the following comments on the merit of its claims.

Archived from the original PDF on 19 January As far as different types of microwave signals carrier frequency, modulation, polarization, far and near field, intermittence, coherence, etc.

From October to August14 scientists and public health experts worked to come up with recommendations for the Bioinitiative Report. Peter is an established building biologist and respected across the country for being a top-notch expert in environmental consulting. Excluding bias Scientific research bioinitiative report 2012 health, either concerning the effectiveness of treatments or possible health bioinitiaitve, is invariably subject to differing interpretations even by well-intentioned reviewers.

Gliomas are biolnitiative, malignant tumors where the average life-span bioinitiative report 2012 diagnosis is about days.

Most of the cell phone-brain cancer studies determined exposure simply by asking subjects about their previous use of cell phones. Exposures now common in home and school environments are likely to be physiologically addictive and the effects are particularly serious in the young Sage and Huttunen, Aldad et al showed that cell phone radiation significantly altered fetal brain development bioinitiative report 2012 produced ADHD-like behavior in the offspring of pregnant mice.

CS1 German-language sources de CS1 French-language sources fr Use dmy dates from March Articles with topics of unclear notability from November All articles with topics of unclear notability. Electrical rhythms in our brains can be bioinitiative report 2012 by external signals. A linear, dose-response relationship test is probably invalid for testing of RFR and EMF as is done bioinitiative report 2012 chemicals testing for toxicity.

EMF Health Effects Study Released – BioInitiative Report

These exposures bioinitiative report 2012 alter and damage genes, trigger epigenetic changes to gene expression and cause de novo mutations that prevent genetic recovery and healing mechanisms. Instead, health agencies look for different lines of evidence to point to the same phenomena across studies, together with other criteria such as potential health relevance.

The BIR represents the views of a small minority. Animal studies have demonstrated oxidative and DNA damage, pathological changes in the testes of animals, decreased bioinitiative report 2012 mobility and viability, and bjoinitiative measures of deleterious damage to the male germ line Dasdag et al, ; Yan et al, ; Otitoloju et al, ; Salama et al, ; Behari et al, ; Kumar et al, In 5 new studies sinceresearchers report bioinitiative report 2012, concentration difficulties and behavioral problems in children and adolescents; and sleep disturbances, headaches and concentration problems in adults.


Short- term effects on cognition, memory and learning, behavior, reaction time, attention bioinitiatve concentration, and altered brainwave activity bioinitiative report 2012 EEG are also reported in the scientific literature.

For this reason, COMAR recommends that public health officials continue to base their policies on RF safety limits recommended by established and sanctioned international organizations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Bioinitiative report 2012 Committee bioinitiative report 2012 Electromagnetic Safety and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protectionwhich is bioinitiative report 2012 related to the World Health Organization.

Synchronous biological oscillations in cells pacemaker cells can be disrupted by artificial, exogenous environmental signals, resulting in desynchronization of neural activity that regulates critical functions including metabolism in the brain, gut and heart and circadian rhythms governing sleep and hormone cycles. DNA damage in Molt-4 T-lymphoblastoid cells exposed to cellular telephone radiofrequency fields in vitro. The studies vary widely in quality, biological endpoint, and relevance to health.

The key to synchronization is the joint actions of cells that bioinitiativ electrically — linking populations of biological oscillators that couple together in large arrays and synchronize spontaneously.

Bioinitiative Report

At the same time it dismisses the reluctance of health agencies to consider reports of biological effects that cannot be independently confirmed, which is to say eeport they bioinitiative report 2012 even predict results in similar bioinitiative report 2012 experiments by other scientists.

This is the case, for repott, of the circadian oscillations exhibited by bioinitiative report 2012 suprachiasmatic nuclei, the period of which is known to be determined by the mean period of the individual neurons making up the circadian clock 3—7. To our knowledge, no expert report in this field requires such absolute consistency, which would be impossible reeport achieve in real experiments in any event.

It updates the BioInitiative Report. Salford, — Section Several thousand scientific studies over four decades point to serious biological effects and health harm from EMF and RFR.

RFR exposures in daily life alter homeostasis repoft human beings. Supportive evidence comes also from anatomical localisation of the tumor to buoinitiative most exposed area of the brain, cumulative exposure in hours and latency time that all add to the biological relevance of an increased risk. Biological systems of the heart, brain and gut are dependent on the cooperative actions of cells that function according to principles of non-linear, coupled biological oscillations for their synchrony, bioinitiative report 2012 are dependent on exquisitely timed cues from the environment at vanishingly small levels Buzsaki, ; Strogatz, A careful review in by Vijayalaxmi Bioinitiative report 2012 of Texas of 88 studies found no clear evidence of genetic damage bioinitiative report 2012 cells produced by RF exposure, even though the exposure levels varied by more than a million.


The effect has no clear health significance, and it is still an open question whether it is directly caused by exposure to RF fields or some other factor associated with exposure.

To guard against confirmation bias, good expert reviews incorporate safeguards to ensure that all relevant data, supportive or not biointiiative the hypothesis being tested.

It would require a more careful and balanced assessment than provided by the BIR to distinguish between these possibilities, or to fairly assess the potential health repott bioinitiative report 2012 any effects from low-level exposures to electromagnetic fields repprt the environment, assuming that any can be definitely established.

Sufficient evidence from epidemiological studies of an increased risk bioinitiative report 2012 exposure to EMF power frequency magnetic fields that cannot be attributed to chance, bias or confounding. As bioinitiarive stands it merely provides a set of views that are not consistent with the consensus of science, and it does not provide an analysis that is rigorous-enough to raise doubts about the scientific consensus.

Perhaps they are hoping to gain more attention with such an extreme position. Check stove and boiler ventilation. Insomnia sleep disruption bioinitiatiive reported in studies of people living in very low- intensity RF environments with WI-FI and cell tower-level exposures [85—93].

March 12, at Depending on how these bioinitiative report 2012 would be implemented a matter not discussed in the BIRtheir implications might be profound.

A wired computer laboratory will not increase RFR bioinitiative report 2012, and will provide safe access to the internet Section 24, Sage and Carpenter.

Picking Cherries in Science: The Bio-Initiative Report

Who reporg Healthy Building Science? Alternatively, i have provide a link to the pdf document summary in full where you can see the bioinitiative report 2012 of important and alarming information according to me. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Your email is never shared or sold. A meta-analysis of the data from 88 publications Simple physics bioinitiativs us that a photon of 1GHz frequency has an energy of 6 millionths of an electron volt eVwhile the average thermal energy of a molecule bioinitiative report 2012 0.