v ailable. DBA Survivor. Become a Rock Star DBA. Succeed as a DBA from day- one by taking care of yourself, your clients, your colleagues, and knowing where. Paul Vallee founded Pythian 14 years ago, and over those years he has supervised almost a person-millennia of DBA work. Today about Meet with Your Manager. Meet with the Developers. Meet with the Server Administrators. Meet with Your Customers. Is That Alert Serious?

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Open Preview See a Problem? People tend to expect a query to return results in three seconds or less, no matter how much data they are asking to be returned or processed. Daniel Galassi rated it liked it Nov 17, I am often sought out for advice on being a DBA, or getting into a job role that involves data. With so many items to check, it can become very overwhelming, very fast. Trust me, it is easier than it sounds, you just need to be organized.

It goes something like this:. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I wrote a piece yesterday about how there are many facets to being a data professional and you can read it here: Over the past 15 years a lot of those systems have been replaced with third party software.

Todd rated it really liked it Nov 17, Definitely worth the purchase. The post gives a rough idea about the variety that exists. I can’t wait to jump in. Josh rated it really liked it Sep 21, This psuedo technical book takes a look at some of the things you will need to look for when you are becoming a DBA.

Brian rated it really liked it Jan 23, This video is an hour-long but well worth sharing with you today. It also points out the shift I have seen over the past 15 years in IT. Email is a great way to say yes to something, or someone.


One of the main takeaways from this video I want you to have is the fact that troubleshooting performance is not always rocket surgery.

DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA

I am starting a position as a DBA and wanted to make sure I had the lingo, the basics and some kind of overview of what to expect. It was not only great to read but will be a valuable reference. Just go get one, and soon. Lots of those jobs were lost. You will have your own version of this fact of life; it is called your annual performance review.

I especially liked chapter 2 on “Your Initial Checklist” which Bcome think I found the most value on best practices for starting or improving support on any IT infrastructure and chapter 4 on the topics of “Managing Expectations” and “Time Management”.

Here is my study plan so far. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. If you could give just one thing to a person you know is starting out as a DBA, what would it be? And those roles continue to be in becime.

However, I’d still recommend a book like this to someone starting fresh, just because it could contain some information that you might not have thought about. Mar 05, Eric Wisdahl rated it liked it Shelves: Yanni Robel rated it it was amazing Jan 01, It will be on your shoulders should any one user have a bad experience.

Well First days of a DBA are explained in a nice manner,the book is weak in technical matters but touches the topics you will find in everyday life hecome a dba.

A Perspective on Job Performance. Books by Thomas LaRock. Most DBAs are towards the bottom of any organizational chart.

If all queries are having performance issues then you will want to examine settings that affect the entire instance, such as memory settings, or high CPU utilization. DBA Survivor rokcstar a book to help new database administrators understand more about the world of database administration. Karen rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Most people would prefer to be liked rather than right.

Try This PDF:   ACI 351.3R-04 PDF

Becoming a DBA Rockstar! Aim to make a difference, for your clients, and for your colleagues. JT Neville rated it really liked it Jan 13, They were thankful that someone had taken the time to explain how much a DBA has in common with becomr President of the United States: If you think you can show up, grab a cup of coffee, and ease into your new position then you are mistaken.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One thing I found in the book a lot of pages are dedicated for conserving one’s health, I think the author needs some more pages to fill, and it entirely deals with the SQL server so this book is for those guys. Dga goes something like this: Skip to toolbar About WordPress. Jon rated it liked it Nov 16, For good beco,e the authors and contributors have sprinkled in many personal experiences in the above areas beyond the regular chapter outlines.

Becoming a DBA Rockstar! – Neil Bryan

It is a useful and amusing book, this book cover a lot of aspects of any DBA’s life, technically and personally from “what you do as a DBA” to “the food you consume during the day while you are working as DBA”.

Find someone that knows what it is like to be a DBA and can offer you some advice. I have found Microsoft Training Kit books to generally be a good starting point when learning a new technology for their wide coverage of concepts and some rockkstar good hands on lab guides.