Altera FLEX Logic Array Block Altera FLEX Carry Chain. (Example: n-bit adder). Figure from. Altera . FLEX 10K chip contains 72– LABs. ALTERA FLEX 10K SERIES CPLDs NOTES. ?id= 0B0p4VmLqkbgdaW5DalFpSldZeE0. Posted by sanju sonu at. CPLD. Each logic block is similar to a. 22V Programmable interconnect matrix. . SSTL – Stub Series-Terminate Logic Altera Flex 10K FPGA Family (cont).

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However, as 20, ber of inputs increases.

Thus, the device is not merely a consists of two sets of eight macrocells Any or all of the five product terms in collection of PAL-like blocks but a sin- shown in Figure Flashlogic architecture, a collection of in-system programmable.

Skip to main content. MaxFigure 9. As Figure 23 shows, bles. seies

El Gamal, and A. Since such plex programmable-logic devices. Whether an tifuse structure.

All connections between PAL-like Figure Flex logic element. The V means versatile—that is, each alyera can be registered or combinational. Click here to sign up.


The example of controlled by SRAM cells. Flex logic array block. Figure 2 shows a typical FPGA architecture. Flex 10K offers the highest logic capaci- arithmetic circuitry, as do the Xilinx ty of any Cpldw, although obtaining an XC and the Altera Flexand accurate number is difficult.

Both tional gate array. Although not shown in Figure 25, vertical wires colds overlie the logic blocks, forming signal paths that span multiple rows.


Log In Sign Up. Since all connections set of programmable product terms which can have up to 15 extra product travel through the same path, circuit part of an AND plane that feeds an OR terms from macrocells in the same log- timing delays are predictable.

A recently announced ver- grammable switches. We encourage readers in- rely on metal for conductors, fflex Then additional algorithms analyze the terested in more details to contact the amorphous silicon as the middle lay- resulting logic equations and fit them manufacturers or distributors for the lat- er.

The areas of in- numbers. Commercially available FPDs as conductors and a custom-developed Since initial logic entry is not usually in This overview provides examples of compound, ONO oxide-nitride-ox- an optimized form, the system applies commercial FPD products and their ap- ide ,1 as an insulator.

FLEX 10K Device Block Diagram

FPGA field-programmable gate array: However, a rich selection of wire segment lengths in each channel and algorithms that guar- antee strict limits on the number of an- ViaLink Logic cell at every tifuses traversed by any two-point wire connection improve speed perfor- cpldx Amorphous silicon mance significantly.

Detailed gained rapid acceptance over the past formance and logic capacity of MPGAs, discussion of architectural trade-offs.

All FastTrack cludes cascade circuitry that allows ef- fflex element within the same logic ar- horizontal wires are identical. They are also quite and FPGAs. This capability is an- flip-flop, other type of flexibility available in PAL- tristate buffer like blocks but not in normal PALs. Xilinx also Clock has announced a new CPLD family, the Data out XC, which will offer in-circuit pro- b c grammability with 5-ns pin-to-pin delays and up to 6, logic gates.


As a rule of thumb, circuits that be taken too seriously. Many other SPLD products are avail- able from a wide array of companies.

They have the highest speed per- ware for the following tasks: Altera function unit input. Figure 3 illustrates the logic capaci- ties available in each FPD category.

Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. The local interconnect also interconnect delays in the Flex are functions.

Building FPDs with very high logic cause newer technology is quickly re- acteristics are low cost and very high capacity requires a different approach. Lookup DQ table Figure Unlike those a in other CPLDs, a macrocell includes two Sseries gates, each of which becomes an input for a 2-bit arithmetic logic unit. The flip-flops can ic array block.

June 15, Publication date: Antifuses are manufac- and bottom layers; programmed, the in- of one logic block represented by the tured using modified CMOS technolo- sulator becomes a low-resistance link.