The Singing is the fourth and last novel in Alison Croggon’s Pellinor series. The novel was completed in June and was published in Australia on 30 June. The Singing by Alison Croggon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “Sonorous motifs and resonant archetypes form the backbone of this series conclusion [the] prose is aesthetically romantic without.

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Glad to alisob that two of my favourite characters get together: After lots of character and world building, we finally got to some actual plot.

I was smiling for a long time after i read that part of the book!

This is high fantasy: It’s like she forgot to write the end of t My simging thought is: And then they don’t even kiss? Refresh and try again.

The Singing by Alison Croggon | : Books

She lives in Melbourne. Overall, I thought this was a mostly satisfactory conclusion to the series. John Green Box Set. Maerad’s power has opened her vision to different worlds.

I must say I really admire Cadvan’s patience, but also the way he’s imperfect – even when he grows so rightfully! Hem too feels the need to get to Maerad. I am so sad that it’s over! Croggpn wish that there was one more talking about the romance between the two lovers and about their journey to places that Maerad had always wanted to go and what happened with Hem and also the supposed romance between Sailman and the new girl that had joined their journey along the way!!


And Maerad must figure out the mystery of her own heart in time to set it against the will of the Nameless One in a duel between good and evil to rival Frodo vs.

It’s hardly fair to come through four books of fantasy cliche and then the one that I don’t really mind doesn’t get played out at all. Review quote “This is a tale with passionate, inspiring characters, an enchanting protagonist and vividly described landscapes The books starts with Hem and Mearad looking for each other.

It’s been years since I’ve read a high fantasy that I enjoyed; most of them either go too silly Dungeons-and-Dragon-y, or try too hard to be gritty and real and end up with me loathing most of the characters.

I was entranced by the way Maerad’s entire journey was influenced by darkness – nothing works out perfectly: Overall, I thought this book was a strong finish to the quartet and I’m glad I picked it up to read.

As always though this is no easy feat and they must face danger, darkness and fight to save themselves and those they love.

THE SINGING by Alison Croggon | Kirkus Reviews

You knew Cadvan cared for her always but he never pushed it onto her, crlggon really pined for her and never let it get in the way of what needed to be done. I don’t know why, but they were the most believable. The Black Army is advancing north, and even as Maerad faces a crogggon confrontation with the Landrost to save Innail, all of the Seven Kingdoms are threatened with bitter and devastating defeat.


It was the same place that they had found Hem but really, we haven’t heard about any of it for three books now. They leave you emotionally reaching singinf something The focus was back to where I felt it belonged. It features an acting troupe, a clever bird, a city desperately besieged, a devastating flood, a bit of time travel, a pair of tender love stories, and a truly moving act of friendship.

The Singing

Maerad and Hem are wandering over the crogggon expanse of Annar and the Suderain in search of each other, in hopes of uniting and performing the Singing, the reunion of the croggoon halves of the Treesong, before the armies of the Nameless One overwhelm the forces of the Light. Would I read it again? Maerad is now also known as ‘the Maid of Innail’ and is bedridden for many days.

That being said, it was pretty good. Even a pronunciation guide for the lost language.