Wow, what a great unit! I didn’t expect so good reverbs from this gear! I’m totally impressed! I have lexicon mpx, i have behringer rev , i have. Find great deals for Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Quadra-verb FX Reverb U Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals on eBay for Alesis Quadraverb in Signal Processors and Rack Effects. Vintage Alesis Quadraverb Plus effects unit V works well! $

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Previous article in this issue: If the playback mode is set to “Looping” and MIDI Trigger is set to One Shot, the sample will play indefinitely until the mode is changed or the sampling configuration is deselected.

In the second way, known as MIDI Gated, the sample will stop playing when the key has stopped being depressed. In Figure IB, the Pitch Shift amount has been set to Hz, which means that the fundamental and all of its related harmonics are shifted up by the same Hz amount. The range is Left 99 to Right Everything is editable as racks that time, but the older software and it is increasingly difficult to find The following illustration shows how the output spectrums relate to the input spectrum.

The Master Feedback control adjusts the global amount of feedback from all the taps, and the Mix Delay volume adjusts the amount of delay in the effect output. The converters are of a different time. You can adjust the start and end points of complete samples in ten millisecond steps – but not of the loop in isolation.

WITH THE SORT of “extras” we’ve been looking at uqadraverb, it would have been quite easy for Alesis to justify the release of an alesks new effects unit and left owners of existing Quadraverbs to hawk their machines around the shops looking for a good part-exchange deal or chance their arm in the classified columns – in other words, upgrading the hard way.

It was a bit of what was best for the public 20 years ago, quadravefb it’s easy enough to find one on Ebay. The initial resonating frequency of each resonator can be individually adjusted tuned on a chromatic scale. The effects can be used in parallel or in serial or a co The decay time of the five resonators can also be adjusted simultaneously. This item is ready to be mounted in a rack The range is 0 to The upgrades are listed in a separate manual, which I understand is made available to existing owners who send off for the new chip; those investing in the Quadraverb Plus will find themselves in possession of two manuals amounting to more than pages of user information.


In Figure 1C, the Pitch Shift amount is shifted down by Hz, which means that the fundamental and all of its related harmonics are shifted down by the same Hz amount. For instance, if the base note has been selected to note number 60 Middle C or C3 and note number 84 C5 is played, the sample pitch will be triggered 1 octave higher quadraaverb the bass C4.

I think I listened to a lot of reverb but this one is the best of the best for vintage sounds. I also use the sampling and then use my delay loop as well for some really layered tones. Multi-fx Processor by Nigel Lord. There are 5 resonators in the QuadraVerb Plus. I had two amps times and I assure you it is stunning how simple presets can change the way you play No matter, they’re here now, and the versatility of their implementation on the Quadraverb Plus is likely to make them a very popular effect indeed.

In any case it is robust, I’ve never had a problem.

Pressing the value buttons will akesis the desired decay time. In Figure 7B, an additional ms is added to Tap 2 which means that it now occurs at ms instead of ms as in 7Aand Tap 3 now occurs at ms instead of 1 second in Figure 7A. Great condition rack reverb unit.

All user reviews for the Alesis QuadraVerb

With an integrated power supply, it would be a treat. However, the duration value will remain intact and in effect as soon as the user adjustment of the loop start will permit quqdraverb proper length. The range is 1 olus 8. To playback again, press the eq button again.


An Advance jack on the rear panel accepts a footswitch and is used to scroll through a user preset range of programs. Not bad for an effects unit.

Full text of “Alesis Quadraverb Plus Users Manual”

Used mainly for effects on the voices, I’m pretty happy. Press two keys and Power supply is not included. Playback from an audio trigger is normally used when replacing one audio source with a recorded sample, as in the case of replacing a snare drum on a tape track with a better recorded sample.

I don’t know that I would seek one of these out, but when I’ve got access to it I’ll alesiw it if I need it Pressing the value buttons will select the desired amount of Panning or Tremolo Speed. Now I have an PCM 70 rack with the timeline in the fx loop of the axe fx. If the cumulative delay time of the 8 taps exceed milliseconds 1.

Though maximum sampling time is limited to 1. One option is equipment upgrades – Quadraverb owners come on down.

Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Quadra-verb FX Reverb U041613

Since the ratio between the input signal’s harmonics is not preserved, the resulting sound is drastically different from the original. Please note that the effect will only be heard when both the left and right outputs of the Quadraverb are in use. More from Sound Technology, Contact Details. Searchable archive of old, qlesis music production magazines.

This allows the user to achieve a greater level of creative control than ever before. In playback, the sample start and length times can be altered for special effects or to trim the playback of the sample to the actual start point of the sound. The sample can also be played back in its entirety one shot or continuously repeated looping. Qyadraverb sound is not ugly.