brought the S samplers from Akai with more welcome features like a resonant filter, onboard effects, more memory, and 32 voices. The SXL. It wasn’t until Akai released the S in that we saw resonance on an Akai sampler’s low-pass filter. But a significant addition on the S was APM or. The Akai S XL has an average rating of out of 5.(The Akai S XL has a total of 19 reviews).

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I’d be very very grateful for your feedback. Allows you to remove the noisy back light inverter. Custom Bundle see all. For anybody who might have doubts like mine: Regardless, it is functionally identical and accepts the SXL options listed below sans internal hard disk also including the IBP 8-channel output board, standard in SXL. When we have sent a wrong item to you, we bear it. Aksi S-series samplers from Akai are most likely the best bit samplers in the world. To be honest most of them sound quite dated but are useful for creating new programs s000 of.

And a bonus question: Bynu-comer Sat Jan 30, 9: The interface a3000 of 32 buttons, eight of which are function keys, three knobs, and a four-key directional pad for navigating the x64 display, located in the upper-middle portion of the sampler.

Create an account or sign in to leave a review You need to be a s300 in order to leave a review Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. I believe the S has reverb effects which the S lacks so I am curious to hear some sound tests from anyone else as well. Wide variety of options to shape your sample sounds.


Been thinking bout that for a while since I lack some sound shaping wkai in my MPC The SXL pictured above has the same specs as the S So, is there anything my ancient Akai is useful for in the modern world?

Bycraveone Wed Jan 13, 5: Includes 1 OS boot disks.

Options 27 posts Page 1 of 2 s3002 Next. Se hacen envios combinados. Byhok-2 Sun Jan 31, 4: When the SXL was released, it was Akai’s top of the line. This is a simple and cheap ‘plug and play’ way to be able to load more samples into your AKAI sampler listed above, by adding a 1x4MB RAM board to your empty expansion slot. This article needs additional citations for verification. Byhok-2 Sat Jan 30, The S pictured above differs from the S s30000 coming with the added Digital filter expansion board and a magneto-optical storage drive option.

Modified Item see all. Bynu-comer Wed Jan 13, 5: I’d like to get the second filter board for the s and I’d like a effects card for my mpc. Low pass and the other switchable filter would be just enough.

The SXL is also a synthesizer. Or perhaps a hard copy? Oh, and one more question, guys: Yeah the S has built s3000 effects, it’s not the EB16 card though, it’s part of the machine Just had a look at the effects list – yep no reverb Also I’m pretty sure you can only have one effect at a time as apposed to multiple effects on different programs, although I’d like to proved wrong.

However, the obvious advantages of s30000 samplers and the on-screen mouse and skai interface have taken over.

Its important to fit the correct type, otherwise the look and functionality of the display will be badly compromised. Akai Sampler Mailing List.

To be honest, I have not found much personal use from the effects at all as I never really used flangers or delays for anything I create in the akia place, maybe a few times I used echos but that was it.


Feel free to ask anything you need to know.

Akai S | Vintage Synth Explorer

Polyphony – 32 voice. I’ll get the S3k a3000 Monday but I’m just trying to get some info to know if I should even look for these options. I think they come with the second filter board fitted as standard and effects, is it the EB16 card or is it internal like the S? Mostly the FX section. Go to synthesizers Akai. I mean, are there parameters in the programs specifically suited to utilizing the effects in the S series samplers?

Akai S3000xl

The Akai SXL [3] is a bit professional stereo w3000 sampler. Does S actually have plenty of assignable effects? But it comes with most of the options already installed. Bynu-comer Sat Jan 16, 3: As many of akaai probably know – getting S manual nowadays is effing impossible Bysadzik Sun Jan 31, You can get a sort of reverb effect by adjusting the envelope when using looped sounds like the built in sine, pulse, square and sawtooph obviously not on one shot drums I have a Mp and a S and I don’t think they sound the same, the S sounds a bit muddier and seems to colour the sound slightly where as the Mpc sounds pretty much the same as the original source d3000 in my opinion.

It is a shame but I very rarely use this unit any more. I got kind of confused, because 1 on vintygesynth the description says: Sign in Already have an account?